Student Groups and Activities

Yale students are active and engaged in hundreds of student groups and activities.  Yale College, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and the professional schools are home to many organizations.

Yale Connect has an extensive directory of registered student groups. 

The university has guidelines on political campaign activity and guidance on free speech and peaceable assembly for students and student organizations.

Student Government

Yale College Council advocates for policy change within the college, organizes and sponsors student events, and provides grassroots student services.

The Graduate and Professional Student Senate fosters interaction among students through community service, social gatherings, academic and professional events, as well as to enable official and unofficial student groups. The Senate also represents the graduate and professional student population on official university committees and works closely with the management of  Gryphon’s Pub to ensure its successful operation.

The graduate and many of the professional schools have school student governments, committees, or other representative groups.

In the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the Graduate Student Assembly identifies the needs and concerns of students, considers possible solutions, and presents these to the schools’ dean and other administrators.  The assembly discusses, proposes, and advises on possible changes to the graduate school policy, and provides a means for communication and deliberation both among graduate students and between graduate students and other members of the Yale community.