Theron Rockwell Field and the John Addison Porter prize competitions

Winners of the 2018 Porter and Field prize competitions can be found here.

The Theron Rockwell Field and the John Addison Porter prize competitions are open to all students currently enrolled in Yale University for a degree. 

  • The John Addison Porter Prize is given for a written work of scholarship in any field in which it is possible, through original effort, to gather and relate facts and/or principles and to make the product of general human interest.  The award was established in 1872 by the Kingsley Trust Association (The Scroll and Key Society) in honor of the late Professor Porter, who received a bachelor’s degree from Yale in 1842.
  • The Theron Rockwell Field Prize is given for “a poetic, literary, or religious work” of scholarship. The award was established in 1957 by Emilia R. Field in memory of her husband, Theron Rockwell Field, 1889S.

A committee of faculty judges review all submissions. Winners of the competitions are announced on Commencement day.

How to submit/Requirements

  • Works must be submitted in both hard copy and electronic form by April 23, 2018 at 5 p.m.
    Delivery for hard copy submissions:
    Campus Address: Office of the Secretary, Woodbridge Hall
    105 Wall Street, Lower Level
    Mailing Address: Yale Office of the Secretary
    Porter & Field Prize Competitions
    Post Office Box 208230
    New Haven, CT 06520-8230
    FedEx, UPS: Yale Office of the Secretary
    Porter & Field Prize Competitions
    105 Wall Street, Room 1
    New Haven, CT 06511
    Delivery for electronic submissions:

    Send via email to Files too large to be emailed may be sent via the University’s File Transfer Service or the Box at Yale program by including “shared” or “public” links in the body of an email to the Porter and Field Prizes email account.

  • Entries must include an application form. A copy of your application must be included with both your hard copy and electronic submissions. Download an application.
  • Entries must be bound. Loose sheets or pages that have been stapled together will not be accepted. See binding guidelines
  • Entries more than 50 pages in length should be accompanied by a separate one-page summary, which, for dissertations, may be a separate copy of the précis.
  • Works submitted in a language other than English must be accompanied by an English-language translation.
  • If you would like your submission returned after the competition, attach to your application a stamped, self-addressed envelope, with postage appropriate to the size and weight of your submission.