Theron Rockwell Field and the John Addison Porter prize competitions

Congratulations to 2022 prize recipients!

Yale College

  • Jared Brunner, Humanities, Nature’s Ax: Courtesy and Wilderness in the School of Chartres and Sir Gawain and the Green  Knight (Field Prize)
  • Lily Dodd, American Studies, Billy & Dick (Field Prize)
  • Eric Krebs, Anthropology, Atoms on the Hudson: Environmentalism, Nuclear Power, and the Long Closure of Indian Point (Porter Prize)
  • Montana Love, Political Science and Religious Studies, Agreeing to Disagree: Examining the Role of Dissent in Talmudic and U.S. Constitutional Law (Porter Prize)

Graduate and Professional Schools 

  • Ricardo Alvarez-Pimentel, History, From Secret War to Cold War: Race, Catholicism, and the Un-Making of Counterrevolutionary Mexico, 1917–1946 (Field Prize)
  • Anna Duensing, African American Studies and History, Fascists without Labels: Jim Crow, Civil Rights, and the Making of a Black Antifascist Tradition, 1933–1977 (Porter Prize)
  • Jill Jie’en Tan, Anthropology, Notes on the bicentennial of a f/l/ound/er/ing (2019) (Field Prize)

Watch a video of the 2022 graduate & professional student receipients introducing their prize-winning work. 

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The Theron Rockwell Field and the John Addison Porter prize competitions are open to all students enrolled in Yale University for a degree during any part of the current academic year.

  • The John Addison Porter Prize is given for a written work of scholarship in any field in which it is possible, through original effort, to gather and relate facts, principles, or both, and to make the product of general human interest.  The award was established in 1872 by the Kingsley Trust Association (The Scroll and Key Society) in honor of the late Professor Porter, who received a bachelor’s degree from Yale in 1842.
  • The Theron Rockwell Field Prize is given for “a poetic, literary, or religious work,” including creative writing or scholarship. The award was established in 1957 by Emilia R. Field in memory of her husband, Theron Rockwell Field, 1889S.

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