Porter and Field Prize Winner History








2024 Field Prize Kornfeld Andrew Yale College American Studies The Promise of Self-Defense: Inez Garcia, Joan Little, and the Rape Politics of the Prison
2024 Field Prize Ramirez Gabriel Aron Graduate History The Death of the American Dream, en Español
2024 Porter Prize Davidson Amelia Yale College American Studies The Color of Empire: Indigo Dye as an Agent of British and Early American Imperialism
2024 Porter Prize Saraf Aanchal Graduate American Studies Atomic Afterlives, Pacific Archives: Unsettling the Geographies and Science of Nuclear Colonialism in the Marshall Islands and Hawai‘i
2023 Field Prize Walker Abby Yale College American Studies Finding Frankie Baker: The Folk-Tale Muder-Ballad “Frankie and Johnny” and the Woman Behind the Song
2023 Field Prize Feder Adin Yale College English  Echoing Spinoza in “A”
2023 Field Prize Hyun Trina Graduate English Media Theologies, 1615-1668
2023 Field Prize Dubowski Lauren Graduate Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism An International Approach to the Drama and Theater of Stanislaw Wyspiański, with Translations of “The Wedding,” “Liberation,” and “Acropolis”
2023 Porter Prize Singer Kapp Yale College Architecture Media Against Fire, or How To Secure the Forest for the Trees
2023 Porter Prize  Horowitch Rose Yale College History

The Enigma of Hannah Arendt: The German Commentator on Race in America

2023 Porter Prize Byler Rebecca Graduate Biomedical Engineering Lesion-Informed Design and Characterization of a Multi-Drug Compartment, Topical Nanofibrous Scaffold for Treatment of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis
2023 Porter Prize Aziz Zaib Graduate History Nations Ascendant: The Global Struggle Against Empire and The Making of Our World
2022 Field Prize Brunner Jared Yale College Humanities Nature’s Ax: Courtesy and Wilderness in the School of Chartres and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
2022 Field Prize Dodd Lily Yale College American Studies Billy & Dick
2022 Porter Prize Krebs Eric Yale College Anthropology Atoms on the Hudson: Environmentalism, Nuclear Power, and the Long Closure of Indian Point
2022 Porter Prize Love Montana Yale College Political Science, Religious Studies  Agreeing to Disagree: Examining the Role of Dissent in Talmudic and U.S. Constitutional Law
2022 Field Prize Álvarez Pimentel Ricardo Graduate History From Secret War to Cold War: Race, Catholicism, and the Un-Making of Counterrevolutionary Mexico, 1917-1946
2022 Field Prize Tan Jill Jie’en Graduate Anthropology Notes on the bicentennial of a f/l/ound/er/ing (2019)
2022 Porter Prize Duensing Anna Graduate African American Studies, History Fascists without Labels: Jim Crow, Civil Rights, and the Making of a Black Antifascist Tradition, 1933-1977
2021 Field Prize Swerdlow Eliana Yale College English Daylight Savings
2021 Field Prize Yadin Daniel Yale College English Sea of Wheat
2021 Porter Prize Chen Grace Yale College Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology; History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health  Power, Politics, and Pluralism in the Establishment of Community-Based Care in San Francisco’s Chinatown, 1850-1925
2021 Porter Prize Rajan Akhil Yale College Political Science Beyond Left and Right: How Redistricting Changes the Shape of Our Democracy
2021 Field Prize Ansfield Bench Graduate American Studies Born in Flames: Arson, Racial Capitalism, and the Reinsuring of the Bronx in the Late Twentieth Century
2021 Porter Prize Daniele Stefano Graduate Neuroscience Ex Vivo Normothermic Restoration of Circulation and Cellular Functions in the Large Mammalian Brain Hours Postmortem 
2021 Porter Prize Sullivan Zuri Graduate Immunobiology Food Quality Control: Nutrition and Immunity in Intestinal Homeostasis
2020 Field Prize Jin Janis Yale College English; Ethnicity, Race, and Migration The Right to Freedom: Human Rights and the Genre of the North Korean Defector Testimony
2020 Field Prize Lu Anne Yale College Comparative Literature Singing for Herself: Women and Poetic Tradition in Louise Labé and Liu Rushi
2020 Porter Prize Gross Paul Yale College Statistics and Data Science Can Social Norms Decrease Political Polarization?
2020 Field Prize Doyle Clio Graduate English, Renaissance Studies “Slimy Kempes Ill Smelling of the Mud”: The Terroir of Poetry and the Desire for Change in Barclay’s Eclogues
2020 Field Prize Eastman Daniel Graduate Religious Studies How to Read the Gospel(s): Reading and Ritual in Late Ancient Syria
2020 Porter Prize Feeney Kevin Graduate History

Roman Imperial Accession from Maximinus Thrax to Justinian (235–527 CE)

2020 Porter Prize Tartici Ayten Graduate Comparative Literature Adagios of Form
2019 Field Prize Orbey Eren Yale College English Aftershocks: Fathers, Sons, and the Second Past Tense
2019 Field Prize Xiao Jingjing Yale College English Daughters of Dragons
2019 Field Prize Yang Alice Yale College Comparative Literature Abounding Freedom:  A Collection of Prose Poetry by Julien Gracq, translated from the French by Alice Yang
2019 Field Prize Cortesi Luisa Graduate Anthropology, Forestry & Environmental Studies Living in Unquiet Waters: Knowledge and Technologies in North Bihar, India
2019 Field Prize Cratty Flynn Graduate History “The Soul in Paraphrase”: Prayer and the Changing Mental Worlds of Early Modern France and England
2019 Porter Prize Lim Sheau Yun Yale College Architecture The Specter of Borobudur
2019 Porter Prize Stange Leland Yale College Humanities and Philosophy Tocqueville’s Critique of Comparative Politics: Towards a “New Political Science”
2019 Porter Prize Mas Catherine Graduate History The Cultural Brokers: Medicine and Anthropology in Global Miami
2019 Porter Prize Morrison Alexandra Graduate History of Art Copying at the Louvre
2019 Porter Prize Ricciardi Adele Graduate Biomedical Engineering Nanoparticles for site-specific gene editing in utereo
2018 Porter Prize Chua Jun Yan Yale College History At His Majesty’s Pleasure: The 1906 Bucknill Inquiry and the Global Fates of Chinese Labor
2018 Porter Prize Nierenberg Amelia Yale College History The Death of Ilan Halmi: French Postcolonial Identity in the Metropole
2018 Porter Prize Zhang Alexander Yale College  American Studies The Color Line is Yellow: American Racial Thinking from Reconstruction to the Great War
2018 Porter Prize Baumgartner Alice Graduate History Abolition from the South: Mexico and the Road to the U.S. Civil War, 1821-67
2018 Porter Prize Winant Gabriel Graduate History Crucible of Care: Economic Change and Inequality in Postwar Pittsburgh, 1955-1995
2018 Porter Prize Randle Sayd Graduate

Forestry & Environmental Studies

Replumbing the City: Water and Space in Los Angeles
2018 Field Prize Romm Eve Yale College Literature Sonnets as My Martyrdom: Agrippa D’Aubigne’s Hecatombe a Diane
2018 Field Prize Altenhof Tim Graduate Architecture Breathing Space: The Architecture of Pneumatic Beings
2018 Field Prize Lum Julia Graduate History of Art Art at the Meeting Places of Britain and Oceania, 1778-1848
2017 Field Prize Connelly Irene Yale College English Nothing to You, and other stories
2017 Field Prize Dillon Sophie Yale College English Once I Was a Princess
2017 Field Prize Leaman Kara Yoo Graduate Music Analyzing Music and Dance: Balanchine’s Choreography to Tchaikovsky and the Choreomusical Score
2017 Field Prize Ziad Waleed B. Graduate History Traversing the Indus and the Oxus: Trans-regional Islamic Revival in the Age of Political Fragmentation and the ‘Great Game’, 1747 – 1880 
2017 Porter Prize Altman Joshua Yale College Ethics, Politics, and Economics Bribe and Punishment: A Conjoint Analysis of Contemporary Antibribery Preferences in Russia
2017 Porter Prize Mosier-Mills Alison Yale College History of Science, History of Medicine “Extend Medical Aid as Far as Practicable”: Politics, Place, and the Failure of the Medical Division of the Freedmen’s Bureau in Reconstruction America
2017 Porter Prize Peterson Joseph W. Graduate History Missionaries and Marabouts: Catholicism, Islam, and Secularism in Nineteenth-Century France and Algeria
2017 Porter Prize Timberlake Andrew Graduate Genetics Exome Sequencing Reveals Novel Causes of Non-syndromic Craniosynostosis
2017 Porter Prize Uchegbu Angel Chiamaka Yale College Ethics, Politics, and Economics Dismantling the Illegitimate State: How and why are Nigerians from the for
2016 Field Prize Chadwick Esther Graduate History of Art The Radical Print: British Art and Graphic Experiment in the Paper Age
2016 Field Prize Fleming Lucy Yale College English Four Wombs
2016 Field Prize Wilner Isaiah Lorado Graduate History Raven Cried for Me: Narratives of Transformation on the Northwest Coast of America
2016 Porter Prize Brewer Simon Yale College Political Science The Effects of Electoral Systems on Minority Representation
2016 Porter Prize Diaz Gerardo Con Graduate History Intangible Inventions: A History of Software Patenting in the United States, 1945-1985
2016 Porter Prize Stanley-Becker Isaac Yale College History Nuclear Weapons on Trial: Individual Conscience, International Law, and the Fate of the Plowshares Eight
2016 Porter Prize Zemach-Bersin Talya Graduate American Studies Imperial Pedagogies: Education for American Globalism, 1898-1950
2015 Field Prize Dugdale Kyle Graduate; Architecture Architecture “Architecture After the Death of God: Uriel Birnbaum’s Der Kaiser und der Architekt”
2015 Field Prize Raz Carmel Graduate Music “Reverberating Nerves Physiology, Perception, and Early Romantic Auditory Cultures”
2015 Field Prize Rosenthal Olivia Yale College History “The Road to Roe: Sterilization, Contraception, and Abortion in Charlotte, North Carolina, 1943-1974”
2015 Field Prize Weinreich Spencer Yale College History “Appropriation and Adaptation in Francisco Zumel’s De vitis patrum (Salamanca, 1588)”
2015 Porter Prize Bains Tiraana Yale College History “Empire and Intimacy: The Evolution of British Attitudes Towards Mixed Relationships in the Bengal Presidency, 1764-1793”
2015 Porter Prize Graef Dana Graduate; Forestry & Environmental Studies Anthropology; Forestry & Environmental Studies “Isles of Green: Environmentalism and Agrarian Change in Costa Rica and Cuba”
2015 Porter Prize Isackson Joshua Yale College Architecture “Repurposing the Chinese Water Town: Replication, Restoration, and Abstraction of Heritage Urbanism”
2015 Porter Prize Lowey-Ball ShawnaKim Graduate History “Liquid Market, Solid State: The rise and demise of the great global emporium at Malacca, 1400-1641”
2014 Field Prize Fein Katherine Yale College History “The Boundaries of Her World: Mary Welsh Hemingway at the Finca Vigia”
2014 Field Prize Kaufman Lucy Graduate History A People’s Reformation: Religion, Politics, and Society in the English Parish, 1560-1600
2014 Field Prize Krabel Andrew Graduate English Language and Literature English Traditions of Biblical Criticism andd Translation in the Later Middle Ages
2014 Field Prize Stambler Arielle Yale College English An Epic Where Every Line is Erased: Adamic Poetics in Derek Walcott’s Omeros
2014 Porter Prize Cook Jenna Yale College Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Constructing Kinship: Longing, Loss, and the Politics of Reunion in China
2014 Porter Prize Jordan Brian Graduate History Embattled Memories: Union Veterans and  Their Unending Civil War
2014 Porter Prize Lim Brendan Law n/a Crisis and the Canon:  Australia’s Constitution after Whitlam
2014 Porter Prize Mattison Elizabeth Yale College History of Art Constructing Past, Present, and Future: Monumental Narrative Sculpture at Amiens Cathedral in the Later Middle Ages
2014 Porter Prize Radford Caitlin Yale College History of Science, History of Medicine “A Pill for Every ‘Ill’: Eli Lilly’s Campaign to Pathologize Ordinary Problems of Living”
2013 Field Prize Chung Thomas Art Painting Thomas Chung’s World Temple
2013 Field Prize Di Giovanni Matteo Graduate Near Eastern Languages & Civ Averroes and Philosophy in Islamic Spain
2013 Field Prize Govindrajan Radhika Graduate Anthropology Beastly Intimacies: Human-Animal Relations in India’s Central Himalayas
2013 Field Prize Koertner Mareike Graduate Near Eastern Languages & Civ Between Interreligious Debates and Islamic Theology: The Muslim Notion of Prophecy in Early Dala’il Al-Nubuwa Literature
2013 Field Prize Lalwani Nikita Yale College English Perpetual Memory
2013 Field Prize Zwirner Lucas Yale College Literature Translation of, and Commentary on Elias Canetti’s Der Beruf des Dichers
2013 Porter Prize DeLucia Christine M. Graduate American Studies The Memory Frontier: Geographies of Violence and Regeneration in Colonia New England and the Native Northeast after King Philip’s War
2013 Porter Prize Konove Andrew Graduate History Black Market City: The Baratillo Marketplace and the Challenge of Governance in Mexico City, 1692-1903
2013 Porter Prize Stanley-Becker Tom Yale College American Studies Democracy Is in the Classroom: New Haven’s High School in the Community, a Public School “of Choice”
2012 Field Prize Guarneri Julia Graduate History Making Metropolitans:  Newspapers and the Urbanization of Americans, 1880-1930
2012 Field Prize Suhr-Sytsma Nathan Graduate English Poetry and the Making of the Anglophone Literary World, 1950-1975
2012 Field Prize Urry Amelia Yale College Timothy Dwight Erosion/Accretion
2012 Field Prize Yee Vivian Hui-Wen Yale College Branford College Nocturne for Father and Daughter
2012 Porter Prize Curry Helen Anne  Graduate History Accelerating Evolution, Engineering Life: American Agriculture and Technologies of Genetic Modification. 1925-1960
2012 Porter Prize Joseph Matthew Yale College History “Keepers of Song, Keepers of Tradition”: Race and the Social Reproduction of Mississippi Hill Country Blues
2012 Porter Prize McNeur Catherine Clare Graduate History The “Swinish Multitude” and Fashionable Promenades: Battles over Public Space in New York City, 1815-1865
2012 Porter Prize Morrison Eric Yale College History John Profumo and Toynbee Hall: The Meeting of Memory, Redemption and Social Justice in London’s East End
2012 Porter Prize Orazem Katherine Yale College History The Female Circumcision Controversy and the Politicization of Kikuyu Women
2011 Field Prize Worthen Molly Catherine Graduate Religious Studies Unlike a Mighty Army: Anxiety and Authority in American Evangelicalism
2011 Field Prize Zapana Victor Yale College Trumbull College In Umma’s Arms
2011 Porter Prize Cameron Sarah Graduate History The Hungry Steppe: Soviet Kazakhstan and the Kazakh Famine, 1921-1934
2011 Porter Prize Gao Rui Graduate Sociology Eclipse and Memory: Public Representation of the War of Resistance in Maoist China and its Official Revision in Post-Mao Era
2011 Porter Prize Levin Joshua Yale College Ezra Stiles Walter Lippmann and His Jewish Problem
2011 Porter Prize Sigman Emily Yale College Berkeley The Dismantling of the Soviet Union
2010 Field Prize Gitlin Basie Bales Yale College History Great Readers of Men: Subscription Book Agents, the Selling of Culture, and the Culture of Selling in America, 1986-1935
2010 Field Prize Kehl Danielle L. Yale College History The Buckley-Coffin Crusade: Preaching the Gospel of Political Ideology to Yale and America in the 1960s
2010 Field Prize Prince K. Stephen Graduate History Stories of the South: The Cultural Retreat from Reconstruction
2010 Field Prize Van Vleck Jenifer Graduate History No Distant Places: Aviation and the Global American Century
2010 Field Prize Waldman Kate Yale College English Tongues in Trees
2010 Porter Prize Carey Allison Graduate Neuroscience (M.D./Ph.D.) Odor reception in the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae
2010 Porter Prize Gant Philip Yale College East Asian Studies Expert Remembering: Cultural Heritage and the Rise of the Chogye Order of Korean Buddhism in the 1960s
2010 Porter Prize Marrone Lisa M. Yale College Economics Did the Banks that Failed Deserve to Fail? A Study of Contagion in Depression-Era Banking Panics
2010 Porter Prize Weld Kirsten Graduate History Reading the Politics of History in Guatemala’s National Police Archives
2009 Field Prize Garner Jordan Yale College   On the Meaning of the Term “Random” as Used to Describe Mutations in Evolutionary Biology: How the Ambiguity and Misuse of a single word is causing both Religious and Non-Religious persons to Interpret Evolution as an Inherently Atheistic Process
2009 Field Prize Hollister Susannah L. Graduate English Poetries of Geography in Postwar America
2009 Field Prize Novick Michael Graduate Religious Studies Duties and Ends: On the Structure of Normativity in Tannaitic Judaism
2009 Porter Prize Brands Henry Graduate History Latin America’s Cold War: An International History from Guewara to Reagan 
2009 Porter Prize Warren Wendy Anne Graduate History Enslaved Africans in New England, 1638-1700
2008 Field Prize Brittenham Claudia Lozoff Graduate History of Art The Cacaxtla Painting Tradition: Art and Identity in Epiclassic Mexico
2008 Field Prize Leichman Jeffrey M. Graduate French Acting Up: Staging the Modern Subject in Eighteenth-Century France
2008 Field Prize Nongbri Brent Graduate Religious Studies Paul Without Religion: The Creation of a Category and the Search for an Apostle Beyond the New Perspective
2008 Porter Prize Das Siddhartha Graduate Chemistry Molecular Recognition in Regio-and Stereoselective Oxygenation of Saturated C-H bonds with a Dimanganese catalyst
2008 Porter Prize Saunders Elizabeth N. Graduate Political Science “Wars of Choice: Leadership, Threat Perception, and Military Interventions”
2007 Field Prize Moreton Bethany E. Graduate History The Soul of the Service Economy: Wal-Mart and the Making of Christian Free Enterprise, 1929-1994
2007 Porter Prize Paluck Elizabeth Levy Graduate Psychology Reducing Intergroup Prejudice and Conflict with the Mass Media: A field Experiment in Rwanda
2007 Porter Prize Vella Stephen C. Graduate History Gentlemanly Conquerors: The Domestication of the Indian Frontier and the Fashioning of British Imperial Identity, 1790-1850
2006 Field Prize Welch Anthony Graduate English Songs of Dido: Epic and Opera in Seventeenth-Century England
2006 Porter Prize Robinson Adam Yale College Political Science Energy Security and Power Politics: The Grand Strategy of Petroleum Importers and Exporters
2006 Porter Prize Ryan Leslie Architecture Environmental Design The Ecological Project: A Storm of the Olin Powder Farm and the Public Consequences of Private Interests
2006 Porter Prize Tuxill John Graduate Forestry & Environmental Studies Agrarian Change and Crop Diversity in Mayan Milpas of Yucatan: Implications for Insitu Conservation
2005 Field Prize Leiman Jessica Leah Graduate English A Want of Manly Vigor: Impotence and Authorial Identity in Eighteenth-Century Narrative
2005 Porter Prize Sachs Aaron Jacob Graduate American Studies The Humboldt Current: Avant-Garde Exploration and Environmental Thought in 19th Century America
2004 Field Prize Lagueux Robert C. Graduate History Glossing Christmas: Liturgy, Music, Exegesis, and Drama in High Medieval Laon
2004 Field Prize Platt Stephen R. Graduate History Hunanes Nationalism and the Revival of Wang Fuzhi, 1839-1923
2004 Field Prize Sasse Benjamin Eric Graduate History The Anti-Madalyn Majority: Secular Left, Religious Right, and the Rise of Reagan’s America”
2004 Porter Prize Manela Erez Graduate History The Wilsonian Moment: Self Determination and the International Origins of Anticolonial Nationalism, 1917-1920 
2004 Porter Prize Winkler Jonathan Reed Graduate History Wiring the World: United States Foreign Policy and Global Strategic Communications, 1914-1921
2003 Field Prize Reynolds Gabriel Graduate Religious Studies A Muslim Thologian in the Sectarian Milieu
2003 Porter Prize Chester Lucy Graduate History Drawing the Indo-Pakistani Boundary During the 1947 Partition of South Asia
2003 Porter Prize Oppenheimer Mark Graduate Religious Studies Mainline Religion and Counterculture in America 1968-1975
2002 Field Prize Kamins Rachel Yale College Classics The Pseudolus of Titus Maccius Plautus
2002 Field Prize Monroe John W. Graduate History Evidence of Things Not Seen: Spiritism, Occultism and the Search for a Modern Faith in France, 1953-1925
2002 Porter Prize Osgood Josiah W. Graduate Classics The Missing Years: Italy 44-29 BC
2001 Field Prize Mochizuki Mia M. Graduate History of Art The Reformation of Devotional Art and the Great Church in Haarlem
2001 Porter Prize Silver Peter R. Graduate History Indian-Hating and the Rise of Whiteness in Provincial Pennsylvania
2001 Porter Prize Suri Jeremi Graduate History Convergent Responses to Disorder: Cultural Revolution and Détente among the Great Powers during the 1960s
2001 Porter Prize Witt John Fabian Graduate History The Accidental Republic: Amputee Workingmen, Destitute Widows, and the Remaking of American Law, 1866-1922
2000 Field Prize Bernhardsson Magnus Graduate History Reclaiming a Plundered Past: Archaeology and Nationalism in Modern Iraq, 1828-1941
2000 Field Prize Hamlin Hannibal Graduate Renaissance Stud. Psalm Culture in Early Modern England
2000 Field Prize Saibert Arielle Graduate Italian Giordano Bruno’s Geometry of Language
2000 Porter Prize Rubin Michael Graduate Near East The Formation of Modern Iran, 1858-1909; Communications, Telegraph and Society
2000 Porter Prize Yaqub Salim Graduate Near East Containing Arab Nationalism: The United States, The Arab Middle East and the Eisenhower Doctrine 1956-1959
1999 Field Prize Lawrence Mark Atwood Graduate History Selling Vietnam: The European Colonial Powers and the Origins of the American Commitment to Vietnam, 1944-1950
1999 Porter Prize Hoxby Blair Gerald Graduate English Traffic in Words: Literature and Trade in the Age of Milton
1998 Field Prize Chapman Stephen B. Graduate Religious Studies The Law and the Prophets: A Study in Old Testament Canon Formation
1998 Field Prize Elias Jordan Graduate History I Still Hope More Than I Fear: Alexis de Tocqueville’s Dark Vision and Spiritual Solution
1998 Porter Prize Jacoby Karl H. Graduate History The Recreation of Nature: A Social and Environmental history of American Conservation, 1872-1919
1998 Porter Prize Price Jennifer Graduate History Flight Maps: Encounters with nature in Modern American Culture
1997 Field Prize Helmer Christine M. Graduate Religious Studies The Trinity and Martin Luther: A Study on the Relationship Between Genre, Language and the Trinity in Luther’s Late Works (1523-1546)
1997 Field Prize Solove Daniel J. Law Law Faith Profaned: The Religious Freedom Restoration Act and Religion in the Prisons
1997 Field Prize Wrede A. Catharina Yale College Political Science Institutions and State-building on Russia’s Periphery: The Case of the Russian Far East
1997 Porter Prize Not Awarded