Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Name Degree Year
Porter, Richard William Doctor of Science 1947
Rose, William Cumming Doctor of Science 1947
Smith, George Milton Doctor of Laws 1947
Swan, Thomas Walter Doctor of Laws 1947
van Dusen, Henry Pitney Doctor of Divinity 1947
Vickery, Hubert Bradford Doctor of Science 1947
Warren, Charles Hyde Doctor of Laws 1947
Whipple, George Hoyt Doctor of Science 1947
Whitney, Hassler Doctor of Science 1947
Wilder, Thornton Niven Doctor of Letters 1947
Ashburn, Frank Davis Master of Arts 1946
Blalock, Alfred Master of Science 1946
Cori, Carl Ferdinand Doctor of Science 1946
Evans, Luther Harris Doctor of Humane Letters 1946
Fermi, Enrico Doctor of Science 1946
Finley, David Edward Doctor of Fine Arts 1946
Freeman, Douglas Southall Doctor of Letters 1946
Ivins, Jr., William Mills Doctor of Fine Arts 1946
Jewett, Frank Baldwin Doctor of Laws 1946
Kroeber, Alfred Louis Doctor of Science 1946
Lie, Trygve Doctor of Laws 1946
Lydenberg, Harry Miller Doctor of Humane Letters 1946
Metcalf, Keyes Dewitt Doctor of Humane Letters 1946
Milliken, William Mathewson Doctor of Fine Arts 1946
Osgood, Charles Grosvenor Doctor of Letters 1946
Oxnam, Bishop G. Bromley Doctor of Divinity 1946
Parr, Albert Eide Doctor of Science 1946
Pearson, Lester Bowles Doctor of Laws 1946
Simpson, George Gaylord Doctor of Science 1946
Tinker, Chauncey Brewster Doctor of Letters 1946
Wagner, Henry Raup Doctor of Humane Letters 1946
Wroth, Lawrence Counselman Doctor of Humane Letters 1946
Williams, Robert R. Doctor of Science 1943
Behnke,Albert Richard Master of Science 1942
Bush, Vannevar Doctor of Laws 1942
Gates, Artemus Lamb Master of Arts 1942
Lovett, Robert Abercrombie Master of Arts 1942
McCoy, General Frank Ross Doctor of Laws 1942
Merz, Charles Doctor of Letters 1942
Niebuhr, Rev. Reinhold Doctor of Divinity 1942
Soong, Ts Vung Doctor of Laws 1942
Bacon, Leonard Master of Arts 1941
Bigelow, Henry Bryant Doctor of Science 1941
Dun, Rev. Angus Doctor of Divinity 1941
Francis, Jr.,Thomas Master of Science 1941
Halifax, The Right Honorable Viscount Doctor of Laws 1941
Sherwood, Robert Emmet Doctor of Letters 1941
Sills, Kenneth Charles Morton Doctor of Laws 1941
Stoll, Elmer Edgar Doctor of Letters 1941
Taylor, Francis Henry Doctor of Fine Arts 1941