Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Name Degree Year
Phillips, Duncan Doctor of Humane Letters 1959
Read, David H.C. Doctor of Divinity 1959
Stewart, Potter Doctor of Laws 1959
Furniss, Edgar S. Doctor of Laws 1958
Haskins, Caryl P. Doctor of Science 1958
Hough, Henry B. Master of Arts 1958
Howe II, Harold Master of Arts 1958
Josephs, Devereux C. Doctor of Laws 1958
Knopf, Alfred A. Doctor of Humane Letters 1958
Lovett, Sidney Doctor of Divinity 1958
Martin, William McChesney Doctor of Laws 1958
Park, Rosemary Doctor of Laws 1958
Reading, The Dowager Marchioness of Doctor of Laws 1958
Spitzer, Jr., Lyman Doctor of Science 1958
Wald, George Doctor of Science 1958
Armstrong, Hamilton Fish Doctor of Letters 1957
Burn, Joshua H. Doctor of Science 1957
Carmichael, Omer Master of Arts 1957
Clark, Stephen Carlton Doctor of Humane Letters 1957
Goheen, Robert F. Doctor of Laws 1957
Gruenther, Alfred M. Doctor of Laws 1957
Hammarskjold, Dag Doctor of Laws 1957
Hastie, William H. Doctor of Laws 1957
Latourette, Kenneth S. Doctor of Divinity 1957
Luccock, Halford E. Doctor of Divinity 1957
Quarles, Donald A. Doctor of Laws 1957
Richards, Dickinson W. Doctor of Science 1957
Spender, Sir Percy Claude Doctor of Laws 1957
Adenauer, Konrad Doctor of Laws 1956
Edgerton, Henry White Doctor of Laws 1956
Galatti, Stephen Master of Arts 1956
Langer, William L. Doctor of Humane Letters 1956
Livingstone, Sir Richard Winn Doctor of Letters 1956
Olds, Irving Sands Doctor of Laws 1956
Roselle, Ernest North Master of Arts 1956
Sherburn, George W. Doctor of Humane Letters 1956
Taylor, Maxwell Davenport Doctor of Laws 1956
Webb, Electra Havemeyer Master of Arts 1956
Wilder, Amos Niven Doctor of Divinity 1956
Woodward, Robert Burns Doctor of Science 1956
Benson, John H. Master of Arts 1955
Bronk, Detlev Wulf Doctor of Science 1955
Coe, Albert Buckner Doctor of Divinity 1955
du Vigneaud, Vincent Doctor of Science 1955
Gipson, Lawrence Henry Doctor of Humane Letters 1955
Hall, William E. Master of Arts 1955
Humphrey, George M. Doctor of Laws 1955
Moore, Douglas S. Doctor of Music 1955
Smith, Walter Bedell Doctor of Laws 1955
Stevens, Wallace Doctor of Letters 1955