University Policies regarding outdoor spaces, chalking, postering, and structures

April 22, 2024
The following message was sent to all facutly, students, and staff on April 22, 2024.

Dear Members of the Yale Community,

I am grateful for the thoughtful advice from students, faculty, and staff on how we can best support all members of our community, including those who are protesting or impacted by protest. 

Free expression policies are in place to promote the exercise of free expression and the security of all members of our community. It is also critical that I echo the sentiment from President Salovey in his message earlier today as well as his previous message on this topic. We, as a community, cannot tolerate acts of discrimination, harassment, or physical harm nor can we allow any violation of Yale policies that interrupt our academic work and campus operations. 

As I shared with the students when I wrote to them last week, the university fully supports free expression and peaceable assembly. I write now to ensure that the entire university community is reminded of current policies and to clarify our position on structures. These policies guide university action.    

  1. The policy on the use of outdoor spaces provides that permission must be applied for and obtained before groups may conduct their events in any outdoor space on campus.
  2.  The University Postering and Chalking Policy states reasonable time, place, and manner regulations for posters and chalking to provide equal access to messaging in designated places for the entire community.
  3.  University Policy on Structures: No individual may erect or place any structure, wall, barrier, tent, sculpture, artwork, or other object (“Structure”) on university outdoor space, without prior written permission from the Head of College for residential college spaces, the deans of the schools for spaces under the jurisdiction of Yale College and the graduate and professional schools, and the Office of the Secretary and Vice President for University Life for Cross Campus, Beinecke Plaza, and other university outdoor spaces that are not under the authority of school deans or Heads of College. Any structure erected in violation of this policy is subject to immediate removal.

As President Salovey’s message noted, I hope that we can “act with compassion and civility,” and continue to work together to be safe and informed in these last weeks of the academic year. 


Kimberly Goff-Crews
Secretary and Vice President for University Life