Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
Clark, Stephen Carlton Doctor of Humane Letters 1957
Clark, Thomas Murray Bachelor of Arts 1792
Clarke, Gilmore David Doctor of Humane Letters 1940
Clarke, John Proctor Doctor of Laws
Clarke, Peter Gilchrist Master of Arts 1821
Clarke, Sylvester Master of Arts 1893
Clarke, William Nelson Doctor of Medicine 1849
Clarke,William Newton, Rev. Doctor of Divinity 1900
Claudel, Paul Doctor of Letters 1928
Clay, Lucius DuBignon Doctor of Laws 1949
Clayton, John Middleton Doctor of Laws 1846
Clemens, Samuel Langhorne Master of Arts 1888
Clinton, Hillary Doctor of Laws 2009
Close, Charles T. Doctor of Fine Arts 1996
Close, John Master of Arts 1771
Clyburn, James E. Doctor of Humane Letters 2022
Coase, Ronald H. Doctor of Social Science 1989
Cobleigh, Nelson Simmons Master of Arts 1865
Cockburn, James Hutchison Doctor of Divinity 1948
Codman, John Bachelor of Arts 1802
Coe, Albert Buckner Doctor of Divinity 1955
Coe, Edward Benton Doctor of Divinity 1885
Coe, Truman Master of Arts 1825
Coe, Wesley Roswell Doctor of Science 1947
Coe, William Robertson Master of Arts 1949
Coffin, Charles Albert Master of Arts 1919
Coffin, Henry Sloane Doctor of Divinity 1915
Coffin, John Master of Arts 1798
Coffin, Nathaniel Master of Arts 1750
Coffin, William Sloane Doctor of Divinity 2002
Cogswell, James Bachelor of Arts 1807
Cogswell, James Doctor of Divinity 1790
Cogswell, Mason Fitch Doctor of Medicine 1818
Cohen, Gerson D. Doctor of Divinity 1984
Cohen, Jerome Alan Doctor of Laws 2020
Coit, Henry Augustus Doctor of Laws 1891
Coit, Joseph Master of Arts 1702
Coit, Thomas Doctor of Medicine 1818
Colbert, Stephen Doctor of Humane Letters 2021
Cole, Erastus Master of Arts 1834
Cole, Johnnetta Betsch Doctor of Humane Letters 1991
Coleman, Jr., William T. Doctor of Laws 1976
Coley, William Bradley Master of Arts 1910
Collins, Francis S. Doctor of Science 1992
Colt, Lebaron Bradford Doctor of Laws 1905
Colton, Chauncey Bachelor of Arts 1826
Colton, Horace Benjamin Master of Arts 1850
Colwell, David G. Doctor of Divinity 1968
Compton, Arthur Holly Doctor of Science 1929
Comstock, Daniel Doctor of Medicine 1827