Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
Carty, John Joseph Doctor of Science 1922
Cary, Samuel Bachelor of Arts 1805
Case, Shirley Jackson Doctor of Divinity 1917
Casper, Gerhard Doctor of Laws 2000
Castle, William Bosworth Master of Science 1933
Cather, Willa Doctor of Letters 1929
Catlin, Benjamin Hopkins Doctor of Medicine 1840
Catlin, Conant Doctor of Medicine 1828
Catlin, Jacob Doctor of Divinity 1822
Cavert, Samuel McCrea Doctor of Divinity 1948
Cerf, Vinton Doctor of Engineering and Technology 2013
Chadwick, Charles Noyes Master of Arts 1897
Chadwick, George Whitfield Master of Arts 1897
Chadwick, Henry Doctor of Divinity 1970
Chambers, Ezekiel Forman Doctor of Laws 1833
Chambers, Ezekiel Forman Master of Arts 1830
Champion, Henry Master of Arts 1817
Chandler, John Eddy Master of Arts 1870
Chandler, John Scudder Doctor of Divinity 1923
Channing, William Master of Arts 1781
Chapin, Charles Value Doctor of Laws 1927
Chapin, Edward Rockwell Master of Arts 1884
Chapman, Benjamin Master of Arts 1761
Chapman, George Thomas Bachelor of Arts 1805
Chapman, John Jay Doctor of Letters 1916
Chase, Amos Master of Arts 1795
Chase, Lucia Doctor of Fine Arts 1980
Chauncey, Charles Doctor of Laws 1827
Chauncey, Charles Master of Arts 1779
Chesebrough, Amos Sheffield Doctor of Divinity 1885
Chester, Edward Bachelor of Arts 1856
Childs, Francis Master of Arts 1791
Chittenden, Russell Henry Doctor of Laws 1922
Chittenden, Simeon Baldwin Master of Arts 1871
Choate, Rufus Doctor of Laws 1844
Chouinard, Yvon Doctor of Humane Letters 1995
Chu, Steven Doctor of Science 2010
Church, Albert Ensign Doctor of Laws 1852
Church, Benjamin Master of Arts 1773
Church, Samuel Harden Master of Arts 1897
Churchill, John Master of Arts 1844
Clark, Charles E. Doctor of Laws 1962
Clark, Eber Liscom Master of Arts 1816
Clark, Elizabeth A. Doctor of Divinity 2013
Clark, John Master of Arts 1840
Clark, John Emory Master of Arts 1873
Clark, John Maurice Doctor of Letters 1951
Clark, Josiah Doctor of Laws 1875
Clark, Samuel Master of Arts 1757
Clark, Saul Master of Arts 1808