Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
White, Orrin Chester Doctor of Medicine 1847
Whitehead, Alfred North Doctor of Science 1927
Whiting, Arthur Master of Arts 1917
Whiting, Samuel Master of Arts 1772
Whitman, William Elnathan Bachelor of Arts 1821
Whitney, Abel Master of Arts 1781
Whitney, Eli Master of Arts 1869
Whitney, Hassler Doctor of Science 1947
Whitney, Josiah Dwight Doctor of Laws 1870
Whitney, William Collins Doctor of Laws 1888
Whitney, William Dwight Master of Arts 1867
Whiton, James Morris Master of Arts 1856
Whitridge, William Master of Arts 1791
Whittelsey, Charles Henry Master of Arts 1865
Whittlesey, Eliphalet Doctor of Laws 1902
Wicks, Robert Russell Doctor of Divinity 1926
Wiesel, Elie Doctor of Letters 1981
Wigglesworth, Edward Bachelor of Arts 1822
Wigglesworth, Edward Master of Arts 1752
Wight, Job Master of Arts 1796
Wight, Orlando Williams Master of Arts 1859
Wikoff, Henry Bachelor of Arts 1834
Wilbur, Ray Lyman Doctor of Laws 1931
Wilbur, Richard Doctor of Letters 2012
Wilcox, Justus Denslow Doctor of Medicine 1854
Wild, Abraham Bachelor of Arts 1809
Wildavsky, Aaron Doctor of Social Science 1993
Wilder, Amos Niven Doctor of Divinity 1956
Wilder, Thornton Niven Doctor of Letters 1947
Wildey, Pierre Washington Master of Arts 1865
Wiles, Andrew Doctor of Science 2005
Wiliams, Solomon Master of Arts 1773
Wilkie, Wendell Lewis Doctor of Laws 1941
Willard, John Doctor of Divinity 1803
Willard, Joseph Doctor of Laws 1791
Willard, Joseph Bachelor of Arts 1765
Willard, Samuel Master of Arts 1810
Willcox, William Henry Master of Arts 1870
William, Datus Doctor of Medicine 1843
Williams, Bernard A.O. Doctor of Letters 2001
Williams, Betty Doctor of Laws 1977
Williams, Eliphalet Doctor of Divinity 1782
Williams, Frank O.H. Doctor of Laws 1962
Williams, Frederick Wells Master of Arts 1924
Williams, Jehiel Doctor of Medicine 1822
Williams, John Doctor of Divinity 1883
Williams, Merrill Whitney Doctor of Medicine 1850
Williams, Nehemiah Master of Arts 1769
Williams, Robert R. Doctor of Science 1943
Williams, Rowan Doctor of Divinity 2018