Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
Webster, Noah Doctor of Laws 1823
Wechsler, Herbert Doctor of Laws 1991
Weeks, Holland Master of Arts 1800
Weicker, Lowell Jr. Doctor of Laws 1995
Weigel, Gustave, S.J. Doctor of Divinity 1962
Weigle, Luther Allan Doctor of Divinity 1950
Weinberg, Sidney J. Doctor of Laws 1968
Weinberg, Steven Doctor of Science 1979
Weinstein, Jack B. Doctor of Laws 1994
Weir, John Ferguson Master of Arts 1871
Weir, Julian Alden Master of Arts 1917
Weisskopf, Victor Frederick Doctor of Science 1964
Weissman, Drew Doctor of Science 2022
Welch, Archibald Doctor of Medicine 1836
Welch, Benjamin Doctor of Medicine 1838
Welch, William Henry Doctor of Laws 1896
Weld, Mason Cogswell Bachelor of Philosophy 1858
Welles, Elijah Gardiner Master of Arts 1808
Welles, Gaylord Doctor of Medicine 1827
Wells, Harry Gideon Master of Arts 1912
Wells, Henry Master of Arts 1760
Wells, Horace Lemuel Master of Arts 1896
Wells, Horatio Thomas Master of Arts 1853
Wells, Samuel Master of Arts 1820
Wells, Sylvester Doctor of Medicine 1816
Wells, Thomas Thompson Doctor of Medicine 1825
Welty, Eudora Doctor of Letters 1975
Wendell, John Master of Arts 1768
Wesson, Frederic Master of Arts 1888
West, Henry Sergeant Master of Arts 1872
Wetmore, Edmund Doctor of Laws 1906
Wexler, Nancy Sabin Doctor of Medical Sciences 2006
Wharton, Edith Doctor of Letters 1923
Wharton, William Craig Bachelor of Arts 1879
Wheatley, Charles Moore Master of Arts 1858
Wheaton, Nathaniel Shelton Doctor of Laws 1833
Wheeler, Arthur Martin Master of Arts 1887
Wheeler, Edwin Saxton Master of Arts 1886
Wheeler, George Wakeman Doctor of Laws
Wheeler, John Archibald Doctor of Science 1974
Whipple, George Hoyt Doctor of Science 1947
Whipple, George Hoyt Master of Arts 1927
Whitaker, Epher Master of Arts 1867
White, Adonijah Doctor of Medicine 1850
White, Andrew Dickson Doctor of Laws 1888
White, Andrew Judson Master of Arts 1894
White, Daniel Appleton Master of Arts 1804
White, Elwyn Brooks Doctor of Letters 1948
White, Jabez Loomis Doctor of Medicine 1828
White, Joseph Doctor of Laws 1868