Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
Trumbull, Henry Clay Master of Arts 1866
Trumbull, James Hammond Doctor of Laws 1871
Trumbull, John Doctor of Laws 1818
Trumbull, Jonathan Doctor of Laws 1797
Trumbull, Jonathan Doctor of Laws 1779
Trumbull, Joseph Doctor of Laws 1849
Trumbull, Lyman Doctor of Laws 1858
Tuchman, Barbara W. Doctor of Humane Letters 1967
Tucker, Ichabod Master of Arts 1804
Tucker, John Randolph Doctor of Laws 1887
Tucker, Luther Henry Bachelor of Arts 1858
Tucker, William Jewett Doctor of Laws 1895
Tufts, George Keyes Master of Arts 1898
Tukey, John W. Doctor of Science 1968
Tully, William Doctor of Medicine 1819
Turner, Daniel Doctor of Medicine 1723
Turner, Rufus Doctor of Medicine 1830
Turner, Uriah Doctor of Medicine 1842
Turowicz, Jerzy Doctor of Humane Letters 1985
Tuttle, Daniel Sylvester Doctor of Divinity 1918
Tutu, Desmond M. Doctor of Divinity 2000
Tversky, Amos Doctor of Social Science 1994
Tweedsmuir, Lord Doctor of Laws 1938
Twichell, Joseph Hopkins Doctor of Divinity 1913
Twichell, Joseph Hopkins Master of Arts 1886
Twining, Alexander Catlin Doctor of Laws 1865
Twining, Kinsley Doctor of Divinity 1884
Twombly, Alexander Stevenson Doctor of Divinity 1883
Tyler, Charles Mellen Doctor of Divinity 1892
Tyler, Daniel Master of Arts 1830
Tyler, Daniel Master of Arts 1807
Tyler, John Eugene Master of Arts 1792
Tyler, Lucius Doctor of Medicine 1836
Tyler, Royall Master of Arts 1792
Tyler, Royall Bachelor of Arts 1776
Tyler, Royall Master of Arts 1750
Tyler, Thomas Master of Arts 1732
Tyson, Neil deGrasse Doctor of Humane Letters 2018
Upham, Joshua Bachelor of Arts 1765
Upshaw, Dawn K. Doctor of Music 2001
Upson, Benoni Doctor of Divinity 1817
Urey, Harold Clayton Doctor of Science 1951
Urquhart, Brian Doctor of Laws 1981
Va sse, L on Auguste Joseph Master of Arts 1833
Vaill, Herman Landon Master of Arts 1824
Van Buren, William Holme Doctor of Laws 1879
Van Buren, William Holme Master of Arts 1864
van Devanter, Willis Doctor of Laws 1927
van Dusen, Henry Pitney Doctor of Divinity 1947
van Hise, Charles Richard Doctor of Laws 1904