Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
Suzman, Helen Doctor of Laws 1999
Swain, David Lowry Doctor of Laws 1842
Swan, Benjamin Lincoln Master of Arts 1844
Swan, Thomas Walter Doctor of Laws 1947
Swayne, Noah Haynes Doctor of Laws 1865
Swensen, David F. Doctor of Humane Letters 2014
Swift, Earl Doctor of Medicine 1830
Swift, Elisha Pope Master of Arts 1817
Swift, Herman Master of Arts 1797
Swift, Joseph Gardiner Master of Arts 1817
Swift, Zephaniah Doctor of Laws 1817
Synnott, Joseph Joachim Master of Arts 1893
Taft, Alphonso Doctor of Laws 1867
Taft, Charles Phelps Doctor of Laws 1952
Taft, Henry Waters Master of Arts 1905
Taft, Horace Dutton Doctor of Laws 1936
Taft, Horace Dutton Master of Arts 1893
Taft, William Howard Doctor of Laws 1893
Talcott, Hart Master of Arts 1817
Tallchief, Maria Doctor of Fine Arts 1984
Tallmadge, Benjamin Master of Arts 1830
Tantaquidgeon, Gladys Iola Doctor of Humane Letters 1994
Tarbox, Increase Niles Doctor of Divinity 1869
Tardieu, Andre Pierre Gabriel Amedee Doctor of Laws 1917
Taylor, Francis Henry Doctor of Fine Arts 1941
Taylor, Henry Wyllys Doctor of Laws 1869
Taylor, James Monroe Doctor of Divinity 1901
Taylor, Maxwell Davenport Doctor of Laws 1956
Taylor, Reuben Master of Arts 1809
Taylor, Samuel Master of Arts 1765
Taylor, William Mackergo Doctor of Divinity 1872
Teller, Edward Doctor of Science 1954
Tennent, Gilbert Master of Arts 1725
Tennent, William Mackay Doctor of Divinity 1794
Tenney, Caleb Jewett Doctor of Divinity 1829
Terry, Alfred Howe Master of Arts 1865
Terry, Nathaniel Matson Master of Arts 1873
Tesla, Nikola Master of Arts 1894
Thacher, Josiah Master of Arts 1765
Thacher, Ralph Patridge Emilius Master of Arts 1870
Thacher, Sherman Day Master of Arts 1923
Thacher, Thomas Doctor of Laws 1903
Thacher, Thomas Day Doctor of Laws 1930
Thant, U Doctor of Laws 1965
Thayer, John Bachelor of Arts 1779
Thayer, Joseph Henry Doctor of Divinity 1873
Thayer, William Roscoe Doctor of Letters 1915
Thier, Dr. Samuel Osiah Doctor of Medical Sciences 2000
Thomas, Charles Warner Master of Arts 1857
Thomas, Elisha Smith Doctor of Divinity 1887