Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Name Degree Yearsort ascending
Knapp, Colby Doctor of Medicine 1825
Mansfield, Jared Doctor of Laws 1825
McConechy, James Master of Arts 1825
Nott, Samuel Doctor of Divinity 1825
Ross, Royall Doctor of Medicine 1825
Town, Ithiel Master of Arts 1825
Wells, Thomas Thompson Doctor of Medicine 1825
Vaill, Herman Landon Master of Arts 1824
Beers, Timothy Phelps Doctor of Medicine 1824
Cushman, Elisha Master of Arts 1824
Hedding, Elijah Master of Arts 1824
Henry, Thomas Carlton Doctor of Divinity 1824
Huntington, Andrew Doctor of Medicine 1824
Hyde, Allyn Doctor of Medicine 1824
Lacey, Noah A. Doctor of Medicine 1824
Mitchell, Henry Doctor of Medicine 1824
Palmer, Edward Master of Arts 1824
Thompson, Smith Doctor of Laws 1824
Todd, Ambrose Seymour Master of Arts 1824
Andrus, Jared Master of Arts 1823
Backus, Gurdon Huntington Master of Arts 1823
Battell, Joseph Bachelor of Arts 1823
Dey, Richard Varick Master of Arts 1823
Fuller, Josiah Doctor of Medicine 1823
Fuller, Silas Doctor of Medicine 1823
Hedge, Levi Doctor of Laws 1823
Hillhouse, James Doctor of Laws 1823
Hosmer, Stephen Titus Doctor of Laws 1823
Hough, Isaac Insign Doctor of Medicine 1823
Matthews, James McFarlane Doctor of Divinity 1823
Olcott, Austin Doctor of Medicine 1823
Schroeder, John Frederick Master of Arts 1823
Torrey, John Master of Arts 1823
Webster, Noah Doctor of Laws 1823
Young, Alexander Master of Arts 1823
Calhoun, John Caldwell Doctor of Laws 1822
Carter, Samuel Doctor of Medicine 1822
Catlin, Jacob Doctor of Divinity 1822
Elliott, John Doctor of Divinity 1822
Goodsell, Thomas Doctor of Medicine 1822
Parkes, Samuel Master of Arts 1822
Reed, Elijah Fitch Doctor of Medicine 1822
Tisdale, Nathan Doctor of Medicine 1822
VanRensselaer, Stephen Doctor of Laws 1822
Waters, Francis Master of Arts 1822
Watts, Francis Osborn Bachelor of Arts 1822
Wigglesworth, Edward Bachelor of Arts 1822
Williams, Jehiel Doctor of Medicine 1822
Woodward, Samuel Bayard Doctor of Medicine 1822
Alden, Timothy Fox Bachelor of Arts 1821