Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
MacCready, Paul B. Doctor of Science 1983
Macdonald, Anne T. Doctor of Humane Letters 1988
MacIver, Robert Morrison Doctor of Humane Letters 1951
Mackinnen, William Doctor of Laws 1786
MacLane, Saunders Doctor of Science 1969
MacLeish, Archibald Doctor of Letters 1939
Macnie, John Master of Arts 1874
MacVeagh, Franklin Doctor of Laws 1912
MacWhorter, Alexander Doctor of Divinity 1776
Magruder, Benjamin Drake Doctor of Laws 1906
Mahan, Alfred Thayer Doctor of Laws 1897
Mahzarin R. Banaji Doctor of Social Science 2024
Malik, Charles Habib Doctor of Laws 1954
Malone, Kemp Doctor of Letters 1951
Maltbite, William Millis Doctor of Laws 1933
Manierre, George Master of Arts 1893
Mankiller, Wilma P. Doctor of Humane Letters 1990
Manly, John Matthews Doctor of Letters 1925
Mann, James Master of Arts 1782
Mann, Thomas Doctor of Letters 1938
Manning, John Angus Master of Arts 1879
Manning, Luther Doctor of Medicine 1828
Manning, Mason Doctor of Medicine 1840
Mansfield, Howard Master of Arts 1913
Mansfield, Jared Doctor of Laws 1825
Mansfield, Richard Doctor of Divinity 1792
Mantell, Gideon Algernon Doctor of Laws 1834
Manwaring, Robert Alexander Doctor of Medicine 1845
Marchant, Henry Doctor of Laws 1792
Marcy, Lorenzo Doctor of Medicine 1839
Marcy, Samuel Sumner Doctor of Medicine 1842
Marin, John Doctor of Fine Arts 1950
Mario Capecchi Doctor of Science 2024
Marjolin, Robert E. Doctor of Laws 1965
Marquand, John Phillips Doctor of Letters 1950
Marsalis, Wynton Doctor of Music 1995
Marsh, Elisha Master of Arts 1740
Marsh, John Master of Arts 1774
Marshall, Archibald Doctor of Letters 1921
Marshall, Margaret Hilary Doctor of Laws 2012
Marshall, Thomas Alexander Doctor of Laws 1866
Martens, Fedor Fedorovic Doctor of Laws 1901
Martin, Artemas Master of Arts 1877
Martin, William McChesney Doctor of Laws 1958
Martinez, Marcial Doctor of Laws 1882
Marty, Martin E. Doctor of Divinity 1995
Mascarene, John Master of Arts 1754
Masefield, John Doctor of Letters 1918
Masiyiwa, Strive Doctor of Humane Letters 2019
Mason, Edward Sagendorph Doctor of Laws 1964