Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
Leavenworth, Elias Warner Doctor of Laws 1881
Leder, Philip Doctor of Science 1984
Lederberg, Joshua Doctor of Science 1960
Lee, Joseph Bachelor of Arts 1765
Lee, Ming Cho Doctor of Fine Arts 2020
Lee, Richard C. Master of Arts 1961
Lee, Samuel Henry Master of Arts 1894
Lee, Sherman E. Doctor of Humane Letters 1981
Leffingwell, Russell Cornell Doctor of Laws 1950
Leffingwell, Russell Cornell Master of Arts 1919
Legar , Thomas Hanscom Master of Arts 1841
Leger, Alexis Doctor of Letters 1959
Lehman, Robert Doctor of Humane Letters 1968
Lemordant, Lieutenant Jean-Julien Master of Arts 1919
Leonard, Daniel Master of Arts 1766
Leonard, George Master of Arts 1808
Leonard, George Master of Arts 1753
Leonard, Joshua Master of Arts 1792
Lepore, Jill Doctor of Humanities 2022
Lerner, Gerda Doctor of Letters 1998
Lester, Charles Smith Master of Arts 1854
Lettick, Amy Ladin Doctor of Humane Letters 1975
Leverett, John Master of Arts 1779
Levi, Edward Hirsch Doctor of Laws 1973
Levi-Strauss, Claude Doctor of Science 1965
Levin, Richard C. Doctor of Humane Letters 2013
Lewis, Edmund Harris Doctor of Laws 1954
Lewis, Eldad Master of Arts 1788
Lewis, Isaac Doctor of Divinity 1792
Lewis, John Hampden Master of Arts 1880
Lewis, John R. Doctor of Laws 2017
Lewis, Sinclair Doctor of Letters 1936
Lewis, Sir W. Arthur Doctor of Social Science 1983
Lewis, Wilmarth Sheldon Doctor of Laws 1965
Liang, Tun Yen Doctor of Laws 1911
Liang-Cheng,Chentung, Sir Doctor of Laws 1906
Lie, Trygve Doctor of Laws 1946
Liebaers, Herman Doctor of Humane Letters 1979
Lifton, Richard P. Doctor of Medical Sciences 2018
Lillie, Frank Rattray Doctor of Science 1932
Lin, Maya Ying Doctor of Fine Arts 1987
Lindsay, Right Honorable Sir Ronald Charles Doctor of Laws 1930
Lines, Edwin Stevens Doctor of Divinity 1897
Linton, William James Master of Arts 1891
Litchfield, Eleazar Doctor of Medicine 1841
Livingston, Herman Master of Arts 1899
Livingston, Robert James Master of Arts 1879
Livingston, William Doctor of Laws 1788
Livingstone, Sir Richard Winn Doctor of Letters 1956
Lloyd, Robert McAllister Doctor of Laws 1963