Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Name Degree Yearsort ascending
Hale, Goerge Ellery Doctor of Science 1905
Jacobi, Abraham Doctor of Laws 1905
Keator, Frederic William Doctor of Divinity 1905
Lambert, Samuel Waldron Master of Arts 1905
Pinchot, James Wallace Master of Arts 1905
Richards, Theodore William Doctor of Science 1905
Saint Gaudens, Augustus Doctor of Laws 1905
Stearns, Alfred Ernest Master of Arts 1905
Taft, Henry Waters Master of Arts 1905
Merwin, Samuel Edwin Master of Arts 1904
Murphy, Edgar Gardner Master of Arts 1904
van Hise, Charles Richard Doctor of Laws 1904
Arellano, Don Cayetano Doctor of Laws 1904
Damrosch, Frank Heino Doctor of Music 1904
De Forest, Robert Weeks Doctor of Laws 1904
De Tavera, Trinidad H. Pardo Master of Arts 1904
Goodyear, William Henry Master of Arts 1904
Guthrie, William Dameron Master of Arts 1904
Halstead, William Stewart Doctor of Laws 1904
Haynes, Artemas Master of Arts 1904
Holt, George Chandler Doctor of Laws 1904
King, Henry Churchill Doctor of Divinity 1904
McLean, George Payne Master of Arts 1904
Means, Stewart Doctor of Divinity 1904
Abbott, Lyman Doctor of Divinity 1903
Alexander, William Dewitt Doctor of Laws 1903
Bowen, Herbert Wolcott Master of Arts 1903
Brewer, William Henry Doctor of Laws 1903
Gray, George Doctor of Laws 1903
Hutchings, George Sherburn Master of Arts 1903
Lang, Benjamin Johnson Master of Arts 1903
Pettit, James Sumner Master of Arts 1903
Pratt, Charles Millard Master of Arts 1903
Richards, William Rogers Doctor of Divinity 1903
Thacher, Thomas Doctor of Laws 1903
Tiffany, Louis Comfort Master of Arts 1903
Butler, Nicholas Murray Doctor of Laws 1902
Dexter, Franklin Bowditch Doctor of Letters 1902
Graves, William Blair Master of Arts 1902
Hart, Reverend Samuel Doctor of Divinity 1902
Huntington, Reverend William Doctor of Divinity 1902
Lanman, Charles Rockwell Doctor of Laws 1902
Lodge, Henry Cabot Doctor of Laws 1902
Ogden, Robert Curtis Master of Arts 1902
Park, Roswell Doctor of Laws 1902
Peabody, Endicott Master of Arts 1902
Riley, James Whitcomb Master of Arts 1902
Whittlesey, Eliphalet Doctor of Laws 1902
Houghteling, James Lawrence Master of Arts 1901
Pinchot, Gifford Master of Arts 1901