Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Name Degree Yearsort descending
Gordon, George Angier Doctor of Divinity 1893
Gulliver, Henry Strong Master of Arts 1893
Hall, Edwin Franklin Bachelor of Laws 1893
Hiller, Allen Maxcy Master of Arts 1893
Horton, Robert Forman Doctor of Divinity 1893
Howland, Henry Elias Master of Arts 1893
Kellogg, Martin Doctor of Laws 1893
Logie, John Francis Master of Arts 1893
Manierre, George Master of Arts 1893
McClurg, Alexander Caldwell Master of Arts 1893
Mitchell, Frank Arthur Master of Arts 1893
Olmsted, Frederick Law Doctor of Laws 1893
Peck, Theodore Gordon Master of Arts 1893
Peters, John Andrew Doctor of Laws 1893
Richards, George Master of Arts 1893
Ryder, James Bradford Master of Arts 1893
Sterling, John William Doctor of Laws 1893
Parker, Horation [William] Master of Arts 1894
Ropes, Charles Joseph Hardy Doctor of Divinity 1894
Stedman, Edmund Clarence Doctor of Laws 1894
Tesla, Nikola Master of Arts 1894
Vanderbilt, Cornelius Master of Arts 1894
White, Andrew Judson Master of Arts 1894
Barnard, Joseph Folger Doctor of Laws 1894
Bassett, Homer Franklin Master of Arts 1894
Brown, Francis Doctor of Divinity 1894
Daniels, Joseph Leonard Doctor of Divinity 1894
Gray, John Chipman Doctor of Laws 1894
Hinkle, Thornton Mills Master of Arts 1894
Judd, Albert Francis Doctor of Laws 1894
Lamson, Caleb Master of Arts 1894
Lee, Samuel Henry Master of Arts 1894
Luedeking, Charles Master of Arts 1894
Lusk, William Thompson Doctor of Laws 1894
Gallaudet, Edward Miner Doctor of Laws 1895
Harris, William Torrey Doctor of Laws 1895
Hopkins, Edward Washburn Master of Arts 1895
Hume, Robert Allen Doctor of Divinity 1895
Mayo, William Carrington Master of Arts 1895
Peters, John Punnett Doctor of Divinity 1895
Rowland, Henry Augustus Doctor of Laws 1895
Smyth, Newman Doctor of Divinity 1895
Tucker, William Jewett Doctor of Laws 1895
Bennett, Thomas Gray Master of Arts 1895
Browning, William Webb Master of Arts 1895
Buckland, Edward Grant Master of Arts 1895
Bunner, Henry Cuyler Master of Arts 1895
D rpfeld, Wilhelm Doctor of Laws 1895
Bacon, Theodore Doctor of Laws 1896
Bingham, Theodore Alfred Master of Arts 1896