Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort ascending Degree Year
McCurdy, Charles Johnson Doctor of Laws 1868
McCullough, David Doctor of Letters 1998
McCoy, General Frank Ross Doctor of Laws 1942
McCormick, Vance Criswell Master of Arts 1907
McCord, James I. Doctor of Divinity 1987
McConnell, Francis John Doctor of Divinity 1930
McConechy, James Master of Arts 1825
McConaughy, James Lukens Doctor of Laws 1938
McClurg, Alexander Caldwell Master of Arts 1893
McClure, Jr. James Gore King Master of Arts 1937
McClure, James Gore King Doctor of Divinity 1906
McCloy, John Jay Doctor of Laws 1949
McClintock, Walter Master of Arts 1911
McClintock, Emory Doctor of Laws 1899
McClintock, Barbara Doctor of Science 1982
McClenahan, Robert Stewart Master of Arts 1919
McCartney, Paul Doctor of Music 2008
McCabe, William Gordon Doctor of Letters 1897
McBride, Malcolm Lee Master of Arts 1920
McAllister, Matthew Hall Master of Arts 1860
Mays, Willie Doctor of Humane Letters 2004
Mayr, Ernest Doctor of Science 1959
Mayo, William Carrington Master of Arts 1895
May, Robert McCredie Doctor of Science 1993
Mavalvala, Nergis Doctor of Science 2021
Matthiessen, Peter Doctor of Letters 2007
Matthews, Stanley Doctor of Laws 1888
Matthews, James McFarlane Doctor of Divinity 1823
Mathias, Jr., Charles McC. Doctor of Laws 1987
Mathewson, Champion Herbert Doctor of Science 1951
Matheson, James Doctor of Divinity 1834
Mather, Samuel Master of Arts 1724
Masur, Kurt Doctor of Music 1994
Massey, Walter E. Doctor of Science 1992
Massey, Honorable Vincent Doctor of Laws 1929
Mason, William Smith Master of Arts 1924
Mason, William Doctor of Music 1872
Mason, Max Doctor of Laws 1926
Mason, John Young Bachelor of Arts 1818
Mason, Edward Sagendorph Doctor of Laws 1964
Masiyiwa, Strive Doctor of Humane Letters 2019
Masefield, John Doctor of Letters 1918
Mascarene, John Master of Arts 1754
Marty, Martin E. Doctor of Divinity 1995
Martinez, Marcial Doctor of Laws 1882
Martin, William McChesney Doctor of Laws 1958
Martin, Artemas Master of Arts 1877
Martens, Fedor Fedorovic Doctor of Laws 1901
Marshall, Thomas Alexander Doctor of Laws 1866
Marshall, Margaret Hilary Doctor of Laws 2012