Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
Gibson, Hugh Doctor of Laws 1931
Giddings, Ammi Master of Arts 1864
Gilbert, Daniel Todd Doctor of Social Science 2021
Gilbert, Felix Doctor of Humane Letters 1987
Gilbert, Sylvester Master of Arts 1788
Gilder, Richard Doctor of Humane Letters 2007
Gilkey, Charles Whitney Doctor of Divinity 1927
Gillette, William Master of Arts 1930
Gilman, Daniel Coit Doctor of Laws 1889
Gilman, Dr. Alfred G. Doctor of Medical Sciences 1997
Gilman, Edward Whiting Doctor of Divinity 1874
Ginastera, Alberto Doctor of Music 1968
Ginsburg, Ruth Bader Doctor of Laws 2003
Gipson, Lawrence Henry Doctor of Humane Letters 1955
Glass, Carter Doctor of Laws 1935
Glover, John M. Master of Arts 1825
Glover, Samuel Master of Arts 1826
Glueck, Rabbi Nelson Doctor of Divinity 1971
Glynn, James Master of Arts 1844
Goddard, Charles Bachelor of Arts 1815
Godel, Kurt Doctor of Letters 1951
Goethals,George Washington, Col. Doctor of Laws 1912
Goheen, Robert F. Doctor of Laws 1957
Goizueta, Roberto Doctor of Humane Letters 1997
Gold, Samuel Wadsworth Doctor of Medicine 1836
Gooch, Frank Austin Master of Arts 1887
Goodenough, Arthur Doctor of Divinity 1920
Goodhart, Arthur Lehman Doctor of Laws 1948
Goodhue, Benjamin Master of Arts 1804
Goodman, Benny Doctor of Music 1982
Goodman, Epaphras Master of Arts 1819
Goodpasture, Ernest William Master of Science 1939
Goodrich, Caspar Frederick Master of Arts 1888
Goodrich, Elizur Doctor of Laws 1830
Goodrich, Elizur Bachelor of Arts 1806
Goodrich, Samuel Griswold Master of Arts 1848
Goodsell, Isaac Doctor of Medicine 1826
Goodsell, Thomas Doctor of Medicine 1822
Goodspeed, Edgar Johnson Doctor of Divinity 1951
Goodyear, William Henry Master of Arts 1904
Gordimer, Nadine Doctor of Letters 1986
Gordon, George Angier Doctor of Divinity 1893
Gordon, William Master of Arts 1773
Gorgas, William Crawford Doctor of Laws 1914
Gorringe, Henry Honeychurch Master of Arts 1881
Goto, Midori Doctor of Music 2012
Gould, Archibald Falconer Master of Arts 1852
Gould, George Vail Bachelor of Arts 1873
Gould, Horace Bunch Master of Arts 1880
Gould, James Doctor of Laws 1819