Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
Fisher, George Park Master of Arts 1867
Fisher, Jesse Master of Arts 1815
Fisher, Michael E. Doctor of Science 1987
Fisher, Richard Thornton Master of Science 1929
Fisher, Samuel Herbert Doctor of Laws 1936
Fisher, Samuel Sparks Bachelor of Arts 1851
Fisk, Ezra Master of Arts 1817
Fisk, Franklin Woodbury Doctor of Divinity 1886
Fiske, Moses Master of Arts 1793
Fitzgerald, Ella Doctor of Music 1986
Fitzgerald, Robert Stuart Doctor of Letters 1979
Fleming, Renée Doctor of Music 2020
Flexner, Simon Doctor of Science 1910
Flint, Austin Doctor of Laws 1881
Florovsky, Rev. Georges Doctor of Divinity 1973
Foege, William Doctor of Medical Sciences 2005
Foltz, Jonathan Messersmith Master of Arts 1837
Fontanne, Lynn Doctor of Humane Letters 1964
Foot, Joseph Doctor of Medicine 1816
Foot, Samuel Augustus Doctor of Laws 1834
Forbes, Charles Henry Master of Arts 1926
Ford II, Henry Doctor of Laws 1972
Ford, Gerald R. Doctor of Laws 1977
Fosdick, Harry Emerson Doctor of Divinity 1923
Foss, Lukas Doctor of Music 1991
Foster, Dan Master of Arts 1774
Foster, Dwight Doctor of Laws 1871
Foster, Isaac Master of Arts 1770
Foster, Jodie Doctor of Fine Arts 1997
Foster, John Pierrepont Codrington Master of Arts 1909
Foster, John Watson Doctor of Laws 1896
Foster, Lord Norman (of Thames Bank OM) Doctor of Fine Arts 2003
Foster, William C. Doctor of Laws 1969
Foulke, John Brain Master of Arts 1827
Fowler, Remus Marcus Master of Arts 1834
Fowler, Warren R. Doctor of Medicine 1818
Francis, Jr.,Thomas Master of Science 1941
Franke, Richard J. Doctor of Humane Letters 2001
Frankenthaler, Helen Doctor of Fine Arts 1981
Frankfurter, Felix Doctor of Laws 1961
Franklin, Aretha Doctor of Music 2010
Franklin, Benjamin Master of Arts 1753
Franklin, John Hope Doctor of Humane Letters 1977
Frazier, William Master of Arts 1879
Frear, Walter Francis Doctor of Laws 1910
Freeman, Douglas Southall Doctor of Letters 1946
Freeman, John Ripley Doctor of Science 1931
French, Andrew Doctor of Medicine 1831
French, Daniel Chester Master of Arts 1913
Freud, Anna Doctor of Science 1968