Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort ascending Degree Year
Repplier, Agnes Doctor of Letters 1925
Reisner, John Henry Master of Arts 1950
Reischauer, Edwin O. Doctor of Laws 1967
Reid, Helen Rogers Doctor of Humane Letters 1950
Rees, Martin Doctor of Science 2008
Reed, Timothy Bachelor of Arts 1782
Reed, Stanley Forman Doctor of Laws 1938
Reed, Elijah Fitch Doctor of Medicine 1822
Reed, Edward Mordecai Master of Arts 1885
Reed, Andrew Doctor of Divinity 1834
Redfield, William Charles Master of Arts 1839
Reading,Rufus Daniel Isaacs Viscount, Right Honorable Doctor of Laws 1918
Reading, The Dowager Marchioness of Doctor of Laws 1958
Read, Seth Master of Arts 1781
Read, Josiah Master of Arts 1781
Read, David H.C. Doctor of Divinity 1959
Raynolds, Thomas Bond Master of Arts 1870
Rawson, Grindall Master of Arts 1753
Raven, Peter Doctor of Science 2006
Ranney, Austin Doctor of Social Science 1985
Rangabe, Alexander Rizos Doctor of Laws 1867
Ramsey, David Doctor of Medicine 1789
Ramsbotham, Sir Peter GCVO, KCMG Doctor of Laws 1977
Ramphele, Mamphela Doctor of Humane Letters 2005
Ramphal, Shridath S. Doctor of Laws 1985
Rampersad, Arnold Doctor of Humanities 2016
Rahner, Karl, S.J. Doctor of Divinity 1969
Quincy, Josiah Master of Arts 1766
Quincy, Josiah Bachelor of Arts 1792
Quarles, Donald A. Doctor of Laws 1957
Putnam, James Osborne Master of Arts 1865
Putnam, Austin Master of Arts 1840
Pusey, Nathan Marsh Doctor of Laws 1953
Pusey, Nathan M. Doctor of Laws 1953
Puryear, Martin Doctor of Fine Arts 1994
Punderson, Samuel Doctor of Medicine 1834
Prudden, Theophil Mitchell Doctor of Laws 1897
Prime, Benjamin Youngs Master of Arts 1760
Price, Richard Doctor of Laws 1781
Price, Leontyne Doctor of Music 1979
Price, Hugh B. Doctor of Laws 2000
Price, Eliphalet Master of Arts 1826
Press, Frank Doctor of Science 1989
Prentice, Samuel Oscar Doctor of Laws 1913
Prejean, Sister Helen Doctor of Divinity 2019
Pratt, Joseph Hyde Master of Arts 1923
Pratt, Francis Cole Master of Arts 1925
Pratt, Charles Millard Master of Arts 1903
Powell, Jr., Lewis F. Doctor of Laws 1989
Potter, William Henry Master of Arts 1852