Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
Eaton,Edward Dwight, Rev. Doctor of Divinity 1900
Ebert, James David Doctor of Science 1973
Eddy, George Sherwood Master of Arts 1916
Eddy, Henry Turner Doctor of Science 1912
Edelman, Marek Doctor of Humane Letters 1989
Edelman, Marian Wright Doctor of Laws 1985
Edgerton, Franklin Doctor of Humane Letters 1961
Edgerton, Henry White Doctor of Laws 1956
Edwards, Henry Waggaman Doctor of Laws 1833
Edwards, Jonathan Master of Arts 1769
Edwards, Justin Doctor of Divinity 1827
Edwards, Tryon Holkar Master of Arts 1892
Edwards, Walter Master of Arts 1890
Eells, Richard Doctor of Medicine 1833
Egleston, Melville Master of Arts 1886
Eisenhower, General Dwight David Doctor of Laws 1948
Elder, Samuel James Doctor of Laws 1908
Elders, M. Joycelyn Doctor of Medical Sciences 1992
Eldridge, Charles Doctor of Medicine 1835
Elgar,Edward, Sir Doctor of Music 1905
Eliade, Mercea Doctor of Humane Letters 1966
Eliot, Andrew Master of Arts 1774
Eliot, Charles William Doctor of Laws 1870
Eliot, Thomas Stearns Doctor of Letters 1947
Elkin, William Lewis Master of Arts 1893
Ellery, William Master of Arts 1750
Ellington, Duke Doctor of Music 1967
Elliott, John Doctor of Divinity 1822
Elliott, Stephen Doctor of Laws 1819
Ellis, John Master of Arts 1753
Ellis, Rufus Doctor of Divinity 1874
Ellsworth, Lincoln Master of Science 1933
Ellsworth, Oliver Doctor of Laws 1790
Ely, Charles Master of Arts 1867
Ely, David Doctor of Divinity 1808
Ely, Elias Pratt Bachelor of Arts 1831
Ely, James Master of Arts 1831
Ely, John Hart Doctor of Laws 2003
Ely, John Slade Master of Arts 1897
Ely, Justin Bachelor of Arts 1759
Ely, Theodore Newel Master of Arts 1897
Emerson, Joseph Doctor of Divinity 1880
Emerson, Ralph Doctor of Divinity 1830
Emerson, William Master of Arts 1792
Emery, Samuel Master of Arts 1781
Enders, John Franklin Doctor of Science 1953
Engelbart, Douglas Doctor of Engineering and Technology 2011
English, James Edward Master of Arts 1873
Eno, William Phelps Master of Arts 1923
Epes, Samuel Master of Arts 1754