Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
Dodge, David Stuart Doctor of Divinity 1899
Dodge, William Earle Master of Arts 1901
Doisy, Edward Adelbert Doctor of Science 1940
Donaghe, William Rice Master of Arts 1859
Donaldson, Henry Herbert Doctor of Science 1906
Donnell, Richard Spaight Bachelor of Arts 1839
Donnelley, Gaylord Doctor of Laws 1974
Dorby, Jonathan Master of Arts 1753
Dorr, Jonathan Doctor of Medicine 1818
Doudna, Jennifer Doctor of Science 2016
Douglass, David Bates Doctor of Laws 1841
Dove, Rita Doctor of Letters 2014
Dow, Horatio Doctor of Medicine 1833
Dow, Virgil Maro Master of Arts 1842
Dowe, Joseph Clark Doctor of Medicine 1846
Downer, Avery Doctor of Medicine 1818
Downing, Eleazar Butler Doctor of Medicine 1833
Drayton, William Doctor of Humane Letters 2009
Drew, Elizabeth Doctor of Humane Letters 1976
du Vigneaud, Vincent Doctor of Science 1955
Duany, Andrés M. and Plater-Zyberk, Elizabeth Doctor of Fine Arts 2023
DuBois, Henry Augustus Doctor of Laws 1864
Duffield, Divie Bethune Master of Arts 1857
Duffield, George Doctor of Divinity 1785
Duflo, Esther Doctor of Social Science 2013
Dulbecco, Renato Doctor of Science 1968
Dumas, Rhetaugh Graves Doctor of Humane Letters 1989
Dun, Rev. Angus Doctor of Divinity 1941
Dunglison, Robley Doctor of Medicine 1825
Dunham, Lewis Doctor of Medicine 1787
Dunkin, Christopher Master of Arts 1839
Dunn, William McKee Master of Arts 1835
duPont, Henry Francis Doctor of Humane Letters 1953
Durfee, Bradford Matthew Chaloner Master of Arts 1871
Durrell, Gerald M. Doctor of Humane Letters 1977
Dutton, Henry Doctor of Laws 1854
Dutton, Samuel Train Master of Arts 1900
DuVernay, Ava Doctor of Fine Arts 2021
Dwight, Edward Strong Doctor of Divinity 1874
Dwight, Nathaniel Master of Arts 1815
Dwight, Sereno Edwards Doctor of Divinity 1833
Dwight, Theodore Master of Arts 1798
Dwight, Theodore William Doctor of Laws 1892
Dwight, Timothy Doctor of Divinity 1886
Dwight, Timothy Master of Arts 1827
Dwight, William Cecil Master of Arts 1844
Dyer, Eliphalet Doctor of Laws 1787
Eagle, Harry Master of Science 1948
East,Alfred, Sir Doctor of Laws 1912
Eaton, James Stewart Master of Arts 1855