Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
de Vaux,Roland P.O.P., Rev. Doctor of Humane Letters 1965
De Vinne, Theodore Low Master of Arts 1901
de Waal, Frans Doctor of Social Science 2018
Dean, Richard Crain Master of Arts 1884
Debreu, Gerard Doctor of Social Science 1987
DeCamp, Samuel Grandon Johnston Doctor of Medicine 1836
DeForest, John Kinne Hyde Doctor of Divinity 1889
Deforest, Lee Doctor of Science 1926
Delafield, Francis Doctor of Laws 1890
DeLancey, William Heathcote Doctor of Divinity 1828
Delano, William Adams Master of Arts 1939
Deming, David Master of Arts 1812
Deming, David Bachelor of Arts 1809
Deming, Ralph Doctor of Medicine 1857
Deming, W. Edwards Doctor of Laws 1991
Denniston, Henry Martyn Master of Arts 1892
Depew, Chauncey Mitchell Doctor of Laws 1887
Detwiler, Samuel Randall Master of Science 1931
Devanandan, Paul D. Doctor of Divinity 1954
DeVecchi, Robert Doctor of Humane Letters 2005
Dewey, Chester Master of Arts 1809
Dewey, Daniel Master of Arts 1792
Dewey, John Doctor of Letters 1951
Dexter, Franklin Bowditch Doctor of Letters 1902
Dexter, Henry Martyn Doctor of Laws 1890
Dexter, Henry Martyn Doctor of Divinity 1880
Dey, Richard Varick Master of Arts 1823
Dibelius, Friedrick Karl Doctor of Divinity 1954
Dickey, Charles D. Doctor of Laws 1963
Dickinson, Jacob McGavock Doctor of Laws 1909
Dickson, David Doctor of Divinity 1821
Dickson, David Master of Arts 1808
Didion, Joan Doctor of Letters 2011
Dilworth, J. Richardson Doctor of Humane Letters 1995
Dilworth, Ricardson Doctor of Laws 1971
Dimmick, Joseph Benjamin Master of Arts 1890
Dinsmore, Charles Allen Doctor of Divinity 1916
Disney, Walter Elias Master of Arts 1938
Doar, John Doctor of Laws 1975
Dochez, Alphonse Raymond Doctor of Science 1926
Dodd, Stephen Master of Arts 1845
Dodds, Harold Willis Doctor of Laws 1933
Dodge, Bayard Doctor of Laws 1949
Dodge, Charles Cleveland Master of Arts 1872
Dodge, David Stuart Doctor of Divinity 1899
Dodge, William Earle Master of Arts 1901
Doisy, Edward Adelbert Doctor of Science 1940
Donaghe, William Rice Master of Arts 1859
Donaldson, Henry Herbert Doctor of Science 1906
Donnell, Richard Spaight Bachelor of Arts 1839