Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
Comstock, Joseph Doctor of Medicine 1831
Conant, James Bryant Doctor of Laws 1934
Conklin, Edwin Grant Doctor of Science 1930
Converse, Alexander Backus Master of Arts 1820
Converse, Joseph Pride Doctor of Medicine 1848
Cook, Albert Stanburrough Master of Arts 1889
Cooke, Alfred Alistair Doctor of Letters 1993
Cooke, Elisha Baldwin Master of Arts 1816
Cooke, Mordecai Cubitt Master of Arts 1873
Cooke, Robert E., M.D. Doctor of Medical Sciences 1994
Cooke, Samuel Doctor of Divinity 1847
Coolidge, Elizabeth Sprague Master of Arts 1927
Coolidge, Thomas Bulfinch Bachelor of Arts 1819
Coons, Albert H. Doctor of Science 1961
Cooper, Franklin Seaney Doctor of Science 1976
Cooper, James Wesley Master of Arts 1879
Cooper, John S. Doctor of Laws 1964
Cooper, Max Dale Doctor of Medical Sciences 2023
Cooper, Samuel Master of Arts 1750
Cooper, William Frierson Doctor of Laws 1890
Corbin, Arthur Linton Doctor of Laws 1951
Corbin, William Herbert Master of Arts 1914
Córdova, France A. Doctor of Science 2023
Cori, Carl Ferdinand Doctor of Science 1946
Cori, Gerty Therese Doctor of Science 1951
Corliss, Frederick William Master of Arts 1864
Cornwell, Joshua Doctor of Medicine 1828
Corrigan, Mairead Doctor of Laws 1977
Cotes, Christopher Master of Arts 1829
Cothren, Nathaniel Bachelor of Arts 1850
Cothren, William Master of Arts 1847
Cowles, David Smith Master of Arts 1847
Cox, Jacob Dolson Doctor of Laws 1877
Cox, Kenyon Master of Arts 1910
Coxe, Magrane Master of Arts 1908
Crafts, William Master of Arts 1808
Craig, Charles Franklin Master of Arts 1914
Craig, James Alexander Master of Arts 1819
Cram, Ralph Adams Doctor of Laws 1915
Crapo, William Wallace Doctor of Laws 1882
Crocker, John Master of Arts 1759
Crosby, Ebenezer Master of Arts 1782
Crosby, John Doctor of Fine Arts 1991
Crosby, John Player Bachelor of Arts 1802
Crosby, Samuel Master of Arts 1782
Cross, Wilbur Lucius Doctor of Letters 1930
Crossman, Joseph Warren Master of Arts 1803
Crosswell, Harry Master of Arts 1817
Crowell, Benedict Master of Arts 1918
Crump, John Guy Master of Arts 1886