Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort ascending Degree Year
Stevens, Wallace Doctor of Letters 1955
Stern, Isaac Doctor of Music 1975
Sterling, John William Doctor of Medicine 1819
Sterling, John William Doctor of Laws 1893
Stephen Breyer Doctor of Laws 2024
Steiner, Lewis Henry Master of Arts 1869
Steinem, Gloria Doctor of Humane Letters 2019
Steinberg, Saul Doctor of Fine Arts 1989
Steele, Claude M. Doctor of Social Science 2002
Stedman, Edmund Clarence Master of Arts 1871
Stedman, Edmund Clarence Doctor of Laws 1894
Stedman, Charles Harrison Master of Arts 1855
Stebbins, Samuel Master of Arts 1778
Stearns, William F. Doctor of Laws 1858
Stearns, Alfred Ernest Master of Arts 1905
Stead, Jr., Eugene A. Doctor of Science 1971
Starr, Nathaniel Winthrop Master of Arts 1879
Stanton, Edwin McMasters Doctor of Laws 1867
Stanley, Wendell Meredith Doctor of Science 1938
Stanley, Ralph Doctor of Music 2014
Stalker, James Doctor of Divinity 1891
Stakman, Elvin Charles Doctor of Science 1950
Stadtm ller, Louis Bachelor of Philosophy 1858
Stackpole, Edouard Alexandre Master of Arts 1964
St. John, Gamaliel Hunt Doctor of Medicine 1845
Spruance, Raymond A. Doctor of Laws 1954
Sproul, Robert Gordon Doctor of Laws 1935
Spooner, John Coit Doctor of Laws 1908
Spock, Benjamin Doctor of Humane Letters 1965
Spivak, Gayatri Chakravorty Doctor of Humanities 2015
Spitzer, Jr., Lyman Doctor of Science 1958
Spielberg, Stephen Doctor of Humane Letters 2002
Sperry, Willard Learoyd Doctor of Divinity 1922
Sperry, Charles Stillman Doctor of Laws 1909
Spender, Sir Percy Claude Doctor of Laws 1957
Spencer, Joshua Austin Master of Arts 1834
Speer, Robert Eliot Master of Arts 1900
Spaulding, John Master of Arts 1874
Soyinka, Wole Doctor of Letters 1980
Southwick, Solomon Master of Arts 1780
Southward, Mase Shepard Master of Arts 1877
Southmayd, Samuel William Master of Arts 1809
Southmayd, Charles Ferdinand Doctor of Laws 1884
Sotomayor, Sonia Doctor of Laws 2013
Soros, George Doctor of Humane Letters 1991
Sophocles, Evangelinus Apostolides Master of Arts 1837
Soong, Ts Vung Doctor of Laws 1942
Solti,Georg, K.B.E., Sir Doctor of Music 1974
Solow, Robert M. Doctor of Social Science 1986
Sohier, William Davies Master of Arts 1808