Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort ascending Degree Year
Albright, Madeline K. Doctor of Humane Letters 2022
Alberts, Bruce Doctor of Science 1999
Albers, Josef Doctor of Fine Arts 1962
Albee, Edward Doctor of Letters 2006
Ainslie, Peter Doctor of Divinity 1914
Aiken, Alfred Lawrence Master of Arts 1918
Ag nor, tienne Doctor of Laws 1862
Adichie, Chimamanda Doctor of Letters 2019
Adenauer, Konrad Doctor of Laws 1956
Adee, George Townsend Master of Arts 1931
Adee, Alvery Augustus Master of Arts 1888
Addams, Jane Master of Arts 1910
Adams, Roger Doctor of Science 1948
Adams, Ripley Perkins Master of Arts 1837
Adams, Lyell Thompson Master of Arts 1877
Adams, John Doctor of Laws 1788
Adams, John Doctor of Laws 1854
Adams, John Doctor of Music 2013
Adams, Jasper Master of Arts 1819
Adams, Herbert Master of Arts 1916
Adams, George Burton Doctor of Laws 1924
Adams, Frederic Doctor of Laws 1899
Adams, Elmer Bragg Doctor of Laws 1916
Adams, Charles Francis Doctor of Laws 1872
Adams, Ansel Doctor of Fine Arts 1973
Adams, Andrew Doctor of Laws 1796
Adam, Robert Borthwick Master of Arts 1930
Acheson, Dean G. Doctor of Laws 1962
Abrams, M.H. Doctor of Humanities 2007
Abernethy, Roswell Doctor of Medicine 1825
Abelson, Philip H. Doctor of Science 1964
Abella, Rosalie Silberman Doctor of Laws 2016
Abel, John Jacob Doctor of Science 1927
Abed, Fazle Doctor of Humane Letters 2007
Abbott, Lyman Doctor of Divinity 1903
Abbott, Jeheil Doctor of Medicine 1843
Abbott, Frank Frost Master of Arts 1912
Abbott, Ezra Doctor of Laws 1869
Abbey, Edwin Austin Doctor of Laws 1897