Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort ascending Degree Year
Arnold, Josias Lyndon Master of Arts 1791
Armstrong, Hamilton Fish Doctor of Letters 1957
Armsby, Henry Prentiss Doctor of Science 1920
Arms, Charles Jesup Master of Arts 1875
Argyris, Chris Doctor of Social Science 2011
Arendt, Hannah Doctor of Humane Letters 1971
Arellano, Don Cayetano Doctor of Laws 1904
Archer, Henry Wilson Master of Arts 1879
Anthony, William Arnold Bachelor of Philosophy 1860
Angell, James Rowland Doctor of Laws 1921
Andrus, Jared Master of Arts 1823
Andrews, William Loring Master of Arts 1893
Andrews, Julie Doctor of Fine Arts 1999
Andrews, John Doctor of Medicine 1827
Andrews, Israel DeWolf Master of Arts 1858
Andrews, Ethan Allen Doctor of Laws 1847
Andrews, Charles McLean Doctor of Letters 1935
Andrews, Charles Bartlett Doctor of Laws 1893
Andrews, Charles Doctor of Laws 1898
Anderson, Joseph Doctor of Divinity 1878
Amman, Othmar Hermann Master of Science 1932
Alvord, John Watson Master of Arts 1842
Altschul, Frank Doctor of Laws 1967
Alter, Robert Doctor of Humanities 2010
Alsop, Stewart Doctor of Humane Letters 1973
Alsop, Richard Master of Arts 1798
Alsop, Marin Doctor of Music 2017
Alsop, John Master of Arts 1828
Allon, Henry Doctor of Divinity 1871
Allison, Jim Doctor of Medical Sciences 2020
Allen, Walter Master of Arts 1893
Allen, Jr.,James E. Doctor of Laws 1966
Allen, John William Master of Arts 1840
Allen, John Master of Arts 1791
Allen, Frederic DeForest Master of Arts 1879
Allen, Charles Master of Arts 1836
Alison, Francis Master of Arts 1755
Alfrink, Bernardus J., Cardinal Doctor of Divinity 1975
Alexander, William Dewitt Doctor of Laws 1903
Alexander, Walter Scott Master of Arts 1861
Alexander, K.G. Doctor of Laws 1947
Alexander, Elizabeth Doctor of Letters 2018
Aldrich, Thomas Bailey Master of Arts 1881
Aldrich, Henry Doctor of Medicine 1854
Alderman, Edward Anderson Doctor of Laws 1905
Alden, Timothy Fox Bachelor of Arts 1821
Alden, Robert Wormsted Bachelor of Arts 1821
Alden, Robert Percy Master of Arts 1875
Albro, John Adams Master of Arts 1827
Albright, William Foxwell Doctor of Letters 1951