Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort ascending Degree Year
Bancroft, Cecil Franklin Patch Doctor of Laws 1892
Baltimore, David Doctor of Science 2004
Ball, Robert M. Doctor of Laws 1988
Ball, Heman Master of Arts 1794
Ball, Flamen Bachelor of Arts 1787
Baldwin, Simeon Eben Doctor of Laws 1916
Baldwin, Roger Sherman Doctor of Laws 1845
Baldwin, Roger Nash Doctor of Laws 1969
Baldwin, John Dennison Master of Arts 1839
Baldwin, Henry Doctor of Laws 1830
Baldwin, Elijah Doctor of Medicine 1827
Baldwin, Edward Robinson Master of Arts 1914
Baldwin, Abraham Chittenden Master of Arts 1843
Balch, Thomas Master of Arts 1741
Baker, Russell Doctor of Humane Letters 1991
Baker, Newton Diehl Doctor of Laws 1932
Baker, Jr., Howard H. Doctor of Laws 1985
Baker, III, James A. Doctor of Humane Letters 2019
Baird, Jessie Little Doe Doctor of Social Science 2017
Bailyn, Bernard Doctor of Humane Letters 1976
Baillie, John Doctor of Divinity 1934
Bailey, Jr., Herbert S. Doctor of Humane Letters 1976
Badger, George Edmund Doctor of Laws 1848
Bacow, Lawrence S. Doctor of Social Science 2019
Bacon, Theodore Doctor of Laws 1896
Bacon, Leonard Woolsey Doctor of Divinity 1879
Bacon, Leonard Master of Arts 1941
Bacon, Francis Doctor of Science 1906
Bacon, Edward Woolsey Master of Arts 1878
Bacon, Benjamin Wisner Doctor of Divinity 1929
Backus, William Fitch Master of Arts 1807
Backus, Gurdon Huntington Master of Arts 1823
Bache, Alexander Dallas Master of Arts 1830
Babbidge, Homer D. Doctor of Laws 1969
Aydelotte, Frank Doctor of Laws 1928
Ax, Emanuel Doctor of Music 2007
Avery, John Bachelor of Arts 1759
Austin, Robert John Locke Master of Arts 1867
Austin, Caleb Hopkins Doctor of Medicine 1833
Austin, Aaron Master of Arts 1805
Augur, Hezekiah Master of Arts 1833
Atwater, Lyman Hotchkiss Doctor of Laws 1873
Atterbury, William W. Master of Arts 1911
Atterbury, William W. Doctor of Laws 1926
Assmann, Jan Doctor of Social Science 2004
Ashe, Arthur R. Doctor of Humane Letters 1993
Ashby, Sir Eric Doctor of Humane Letters 1970
Ashburn, Frank Davis Master of Arts 1946
Ashbery, John Doctor of Letters 2008
Arrow, Kenneth J. Doctor of Social Science 1974