Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort ascending Degree Year
Bourgeois, Louise Doctor of Fine Arts 1977
Boudinot, Elias Doctor of Laws 1790
Booth, Sherman Miller Master of Arts 1891
Bonner, Elena Doctor of Laws 1993
Bond, Edward Doctor of Letters 1977
Bok, Derek C. Doctor of Laws 1971
Boiteux, Marcel P. Doctor of Social Science 1982
Bogue, David Doctor of Divinity 1808
Boesak, Allan A. Doctor of Divinity 1984
Boardman, Mabel Thorpe Master of Arts 1911
Boardman, Charles Adolphus Master of Arts 1819
Blume, Judy Doctor of Letters 2021
Blodget, Henry Doctor of Divinity 1872
Bliss, Seth Master of Arts 1830
Bliss, Porter Cornelius Master of Arts 1869
Blegen, Carl William Master of Arts 1927
Blatchford, Samuel Master of Arts 1796
Blashfield, Edwin Howland Master of Arts 1914
Blalock, Alfred Master of Science 1946
Blakeslee, Albert Francis Doctor of Science 1947
Blake, Joseph Augustus Master of Arts 1909
Blake, Eugene Doctor of Divinity 1962
Blake, Eli Whitney Doctor of Laws 1879
Blackwell, David Doctor of Social Science 1990
Blackman, George Doctor of Medicine 1845
Blackburn, Elizabeth H. Doctor of Science 1991
Black, Hugh Doctor of Divinity 1908
Black, Eugene R. Doctor of Laws 1960
Bissell, Wilson Shannon Doctor of Laws 1893
Bissell, Jr., Richard Mervin Master of Arts 1949
Bissell, Emery Doctor of Medicine 1839
Bissell, Clark Doctor of Laws 1847
Birnie, Rogers Master of Arts 1870
Birney, Lauress John Doctor of Divinity 1915
Bird, William Bachelor of Arts 1844
Bird, William Master of Arts 1856
Birch, Robert Master of Arts 1834
Bingham, Theodore Alfred Master of Arts 1896
Bingham, Hiram Master of Arts 1819
Bingham, Hiram Doctor of Divinity 1893
Billings, Edward Coke Doctor of Laws 1890
Bigelow, Poultney Master of Arts 1900
Bigelow, Henry Bryant Doctor of Science 1941
Bigelow, Erastus Brigham Master of Arts 1852
Bidwell, Marshall Spring Doctor of Laws 1858
Bhatt, Ela Ramesh Doctor of Social Science 2002
Bevan, Arthur Dean Master of Arts 1916
Betts, Frederick Henry Doctor of Laws 1901
Bestor, John Doctor of Medicine 1816
Bernstein, Robert Louis Doctor of Humane Letters 2003