Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort ascending Degree Year
Brimmer, John Ambourloin Master of Arts 1805
Brigham, Elijiah Master of Arts 1792
Briggs, LeBaron Russell Doctor of Laws 1917
Bridgman, Walter Ray Master of Arts 1892
Bridgman, Thomas Master of Arts 1765
Bridgman, Percy Williams Doctor of Science 1951
Brewster, William Augustus Doctor of Medicine 1830
Brewster, Jr., Kingman Doctor of Laws 1977
Brewster, Cyrus Bachelor of Arts 1841
Brewster, Chauncey Bunce Doctor of Divinity 1898
Brewer, William Henry Master of Arts 1859
Brewer, William Henry Doctor of Laws 1903
Brewer, David Josiah Doctor of Laws 1891
Brent,Charles Henry, Right Rev. Doctor of Divinity 1919
Brenner, Sydney Doctor of Science 2003
Brennan, Jr., William J. Doctor of Laws 1987
Brendel, Alfred Doctor of Music 1992
Breese, Samuel Sidney Bachelor of Arts 1789
Breese, Arthur Master of Arts 1789
Braudel, Fernand Doctor of Humane Letters 1981
Brattle, Thomas Master of Arts 1769
Brastow, Lewis Orsmond Master of Arts 1885
Brandt, The Right Hon. Willy Doctor of Laws 1971
Brainard, Dyar Throop Doctor of Medicine 1826
Bradner, Benoni Master of Arts 1758
Bradley, Wilmot Hyde Doctor of Science 1947
Bradley, William Czar Master of Arts 1817
Bradley, Tom Doctor of Laws 1979
Bradley, Charles William Master of Arts 1846
Bradford, Merritt Master of Arts 1818
Bradford, Arthur H. Doctor of Divinity 1952
Brace, Jonathan Master of Arts 1850
Boyden, Frank Learoyd Master of Arts 1926
Boyd, Julian P. Doctor of Humane Letters 1964
Bowman, Isaiah Master of Arts 1921
Bowles, Chester Doctor of Laws 1968
Bowen, William G. Doctor of Laws 1972
Bowen, Norman Levi Doctor of Science 1951
Bowen, Herbert Wolcott Master of Arts 1903
Bowdoin, James Master of Arts 1750
Bowdoin, James Master of Arts 1826
Bourgeois, Louise Doctor of Fine Arts 1977
Boudinot, Elias Doctor of Laws 1790
Booth, Sherman Miller Master of Arts 1891
Bonner, Elena Doctor of Laws 1993
Bond, Edward Doctor of Letters 1977
Bok, Derek C. Doctor of Laws 1971
Boiteux, Marcel P. Doctor of Social Science 1982
Bogue, David Doctor of Divinity 1808
Boesak, Allan A. Doctor of Divinity 1984