Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort ascending Degree Year
Burgess, Mowry Doctor of Medicine 1831
Burgess, Chauncey Doctor of Medicine 1846
Bunner, Henry Cuyler Master of Arts 1895
Bunnell, Walls W. Master of Arts 1960
Bunker, Ellsworth Doctor of Laws 1959
Bundy, McGeorge Doctor of Humane Letters 1961
Bunch III, Lonnie G. Doctor of Humane Letters 2023
Bunce, Francis Marvin Master of Arts 1899
Bump, Orlando Franklin Master of Arts 1876
Bulkley, Sturges Doctor of Medicine 1839
Bulkley, Henry Thorp Master of Arts 1879
Bulkeley, Morgan Gardner Master of Arts 1889
Buel, William Doctor of Medicine 1819
Buel, Samuel Doctor of Medicine 1826
Buel, David Hillhouse Master of Arts 1886
Buehler, Huber Gray Master of Arts 1905
Buechner, Frederick Doctor of Divinity 1990
Buckley, William F. Doctor of Humane Letters 2000
Buckland, Edward Grant Master of Arts 1895
Buckland, Edward Grant Doctor of Laws 1937
Buckingham, William Alfred Doctor of Laws 1866
Buckingham, Stephen Master of Arts 1702
Buckingham, Samuel Giles Doctor of Divinity 1868
Buck, Sir Peter Henry Doctor of Science 1951
Buck, Pearl Sydenstricker Master of Arts 1933
Buck, Norman S. Doctor of Laws 1962
Buchwald, Art Doctor of Humane Letters 1970
Brush, George Jarvis Master of Arts 1857
Brush, George Deforest Master of Arts 1923
Bruner, Jerome S. Doctor of Social Science 1975
Brundtland, Gro Harlem Doctor of Humane Letters 2011
Brundage, Abner Master of Arts 1826
Browning, William Webb Master of Arts 1895
Brownell, Grove Lawrence Master of Arts 1816
Brown, Sterling Allen Doctor of Letters 1981
Brown, Preston Master of Arts 1920
Brown, Peter Doctor of Humanities 2006
Brown, Moses Bachelor of Arts 1790
Brown, John Doctor of Divinity 1887
Brown, Henry Billings Doctor of Laws 1891
Brown, Francis Doctor of Divinity 1894
Brown, Ernest William Doctor of Science 1933
Brown, Clark Bachelor of Arts 1794
Brown, Clark Master of Arts 1797
Brown, Charles Reynolds Doctor of Divinity 1928
Brown, Charles Francis Doctor of Laws 1896
Brown, Arthur Judson Doctor of Divinity 1913
Brooks, Joshua Twing Master of Arts 1882
Brooks, John Master of Arts 1781
Brooks, Henry Stanford Master of Arts 1918