Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort ascending Degree Year
Watson, James Craig Doctor of Philosophy 1871
Watrous, John Richard Doctor of Medicine 1818
Watkins, Claiborne A. Master of Arts 1834
Waterston, Samuel A. Doctor of Fine Arts 2001
Waters, Francis Master of Arts 1822
Waters, Alice Doctor of Humane Letters 2016
Washington, George Doctor of Laws 1781
Warren, William Young Bachelor of Arts 1826
Warren, Robert Penn Doctor of Letters 1960
Warren, Lloyd Master of Arts 1922
Warren, Charles Hyde Doctor of Laws 1947
Warner, Charles Dudley Master of Arts 1872
Wardlaw, Ralph Doctor of Divinity 1818
Ward, Samuel Master of Arts 1787
Walworth, Reuben Hyde Doctor of Laws 1839
Walley, Samuel Hurd Bachelor of Arts 1826
Waller, Thomas McDonald Master of Arts 1883
Wallace, Elisha Fuller Bachelor of Arts 1812
Walker, Williston Doctor of Divinity 1901
Walker, Thomas Reed Master of Arts 1851
Walker, Joseph Burbeen Master of Arts 1891
Walker, James Doctor of Laws 1853
Walker, George Leon Doctor of Divinity 1870
Walker, Francis Amasa Master of Arts 1873
Walker, Francis Amasa Doctor of Laws 1881
Walker, Edward Master of Arts 1757
Walker, Edward Bachelor of Arts 1757
Wales, Samuel Doctor of Divinity 1782
Waldo, Leonard Master of Arts 1880
Waldenstr m, Paul Peter Doctor of Divinity 1889
Wald, Patricia M. Doctor of Laws 2001
Wald, George Doctor of Science 1958
Wald, Florence Schorske Doctor of Medical Sciences 1995
Walcott, Henry Pickering Doctor of Laws 1907
Walcott, Frederic Collin Master of Arts 1917
Walcott, Charles Doolittle Doctor of Laws 1910
Waite, Morrison Remick Doctor of Laws 1872
Waite, Henry Matson Doctor of Laws 1855
Waite, Calvin Master of Arts 1816
Wait, John Turner Master of Arts 1871
Wagner, John Doctor of Medicine 1818
Wagner, Henry Raup Doctor of Humane Letters 1946
Wadsworth, John Bachelor of Arts 1803
Wadsworth, Jeremiah Master of Arts 1796
Wadsworth, James Wolcott Master of Arts 1898
Wadsworth, James Wolcott Doctor of Laws 1952
Wadhams, Samuel Hosea Master of Arts 1919
Wadhams, Noah Master of Arts 1764
von Steinwehr, Adolf Wilhelm August Friedrich Master of Arts 1872
von Stade, Frederica Doctor of Music 1985