Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort ascending Degree Year
Hazard, Nathaniel Master of Arts 1770
Hayward, George Bachelor of Arts 1809
Haynes, Artemas Master of Arts 1904
Hayes, Rutherford Birchard Doctor of Laws 1880
Hawley, Joseph Roswell Doctor of Laws 1886
Hawks, Francis Lister Master of Arts 1818
Hawking, Stephen W. Doctor of Science 1989
Hawkes, Herbert Edwin Master of Arts 1920
Haven, Samuel Master of Arts 1778
Hauge, Gabriel Doctor of Laws 1978
Hastie, William H. Doctor of Laws 1957
Haskins, Caryl P. Doctor of Science 1958
Hartness, James Master of Arts 1914
Hartman, David L. Doctor of Divinity 2003
Hart, William Sherman Master of Arts 1790
Hart, Samuel Waldo Doctor of Medicine 1855
Hart, Samuel Doctor of Medicine 1830
Hart, Reverend Samuel Doctor of Divinity 1902
Hart, Jr.,Henry M. Doctor of Laws 1969
Hart, David Sherman Master of Arts 1875
Hart, Abijah Master of Arts 1795
Harshe, Robert Bartholow Doctor of Humane Letters 1934
Harrison, Ross Granville Doctor of Science 1939
Harrison, Paul Wilberforce Master of Arts 1930
Harrison, Henry Baldwin Doctor of Laws 1885
Harrison, George Leslie Master of Arts 1929
Harrison, Fosdick Master of Arts 1815
Harrison, Benjamin Franklin Master of Arts 1872
Harris, William Torrey Master of Arts 1869
Harris, William Torrey Doctor of Laws 1895
Harris, William Thaddeus Master of Arts 1849
Harris, Samuel Master of Arts 1872
Harris, Julie Doctor of Fine Arts 2007
Harris, Irving B. Doctor of Humane Letters 1990
Harris, Barbara Doctor of Divinity 1999
Harris, Andrew Doctor of Medicine 1826
Harriman, William A. Doctor of Laws 1964
Harriman, Edward R. Doctor of Laws 1960
Harper, Samuel Henderson Master of Arts 1831
Harper, Orlando Metcalf Master of Arts 1892
Harnwell, Gaylord Probasco Doctor of Laws 1970
Harmon, John Brown Master of Arts 1871
Harkness, Edward Stephen Master of Arts 1925
Harish-Chandra, Doctor of Science 1981
Hare, Robert Master of Arts 1806
Harbord, James Guthrie Doctor of Laws 1928
Hannay, Alexander Doctor of Divinity 1881
Hanna, William Master of Arts 1768
Hanks, Nancy Doctor of Humane Letters 1978
Hand, Learned Doctor of Laws 1931