Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort ascending Degree Year
Hitchcock, Enos Master of Arts 1781
Hitchcock, Edward Master of Arts 1818
Hirschman, Albert O. Doctor of Social Science 1990
Hinman, Chester Bachelor of Arts 1827
Hinkle, Thornton Mills Master of Arts 1894
Hines, Rev. John E. Doctor of Divinity 1974
Hincks, William Bliss Master of Arts 1878
Hincks, Edward Young Master of Arts 1883
Hincks, Edward Young Doctor of Divinity 1885
Hincks, Carroll C. Doctor of Laws 1952
Himmelfarb, Gertrude Doctor of Humane Letters 1990
Hills, Carla Doctor of Laws 2008
Hillhouse, William Master of Arts 1792
Hillhouse, William Master of Arts 1849
Hillhouse, James Doctor of Laws 1823
Hiller, Allen Maxcy Master of Arts 1893
Hill, Thomas Doctor of Laws 1863
Hill, James Jerome Doctor of Laws 1910
Hill, Frederick Trevor Master of Arts 1907
Hill, Ebenezer J. Master of Arts 1892
Hill, Calvin Doctor of Humane Letters 2016
Hill, Benjamin Munro Master of Arts 1835
Higgins, Anthony Doctor of Laws 1891
Higginbotham, A. Leon Doctor of Laws 1983
Hicks, Sheila Doctor of Fine Arts 2019
Hibben, John Grier Doctor of Laws 1913
Hewlett, William R. Doctor of Laws 1976
Hess, Harry H. Doctor of Science 1969
Hesburgh, Rev. Theodore M., C.S.C. Doctor of Laws 1971
Hersey, John Master of Arts 1947
Hersey, John Doctor of Letters 1984
Herrick, Myron Timothy Doctor of Laws 1917
Herrick, Edward Claudius Master of Arts 1838
Herr,Edwin Musser Master of Arts 1915
Henry, Thomas Carlton Doctor of Divinity 1824
Henness, Gottlieb Master of Arts 1872
Hennen, William Davison Master of Arts 1880
Hendrickson, George L. Doctor of Laws 1953
Henderson, Virginia Doctor of Science 1982
Henderson, Donald Ainslie Doctor of Science 1986
Helmuth, William Tod Doctor of Laws 1888
Hellman, Lillian Doctor of Letters 1974
Helfenstein, Charles Philip Master of Arts 1880
Hein, Piet Doctor of Humane Letters 1972
Heilbron, John Doctor of Humanities 2011
Hedge, Levi Doctor of Laws 1823
Hedge, Lemuel Bachelor of Arts 1759
Hedding, Elijah Master of Arts 1824
Heaney, Seamus Justin Doctor of Letters 1999
Heagerty, Margaret C. Doctor of Medical Sciences 1995