Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort ascending Degree Year
Kao, Charles Kuen Doctor of Science 1999
Kanouse, Peter Master of Arts 1831
Kamen, Dean Doctor of Engineering and Technology 2015
Kahneman, Daniel Doctor of Social Science 2014
Kahn, Louis I. Doctor of Fine Arts 1965
K'Ung, H.H. Doctor of Laws 1937
Jusserand, Jean Adrien Antoine Jules Doctor of Laws 1920
Judson, John Doctor of Medicine 1830
Judson, Frederick Newton Doctor of Laws 1907
Judd, Jonathan Master of Arts 1820
Judd, Jehiel Master of Arts 1816
Judd, Benjamin Master of Arts 1791
Judd, Albert Francis Doctor of Laws 1894
Judd, Albert Francis Master of Arts 1934
Joslin, Elliott Proctor Master of Arts 1914
Josephs, Devereux C. Doctor of Laws 1958
Jordan, William Henry Master of Arts 1888
Jordan, Michael I. Doctor of Engineering and Technology 2020
Jordan, Jr., Vernon E. Doctor of Laws 1975
Jones,Robert, Sir Doctor of Laws 1921
Jones, Samuel Master of Arts 1840
Jones, Rufus Matthew Doctor of Divinity 1935
Jones, Reginald H. Doctor of Laws 1979
Jones, James Earl Doctor of Fine Arts 1982
Jones, Frank Johnston Master of Arts 1906
Jones, Bill T. Doctor of Fine Arts 2009
Johnston, Henry Phelps Master of Arts 1889
Johnson, William Samuel Doctor of Laws 1788
Johnson, William Samuel Master of Arts 1819
Johnson, Samuel William Master of Arts 1857
Johnson, Robert Underwood Master of Arts 1891
Johnson, Robert Charles Master of Arts 1830
Johnson, Philip Doctor of Fine Arts 1978
Johnson, Peleg Doctor of Medicine 1842
Johnson, Jr., Frank Minis Doctor of Laws 1980
Johnson, Charles Frederick Master of Arts 1885
Johnson, Charles Frederick Doctor of Letters 1898
Johns, Evan Master of Arts 1809
Johnes, Timothy Doctor of Divinity 1783
Jewett, Joseph Franklin Doctor of Medicine 1841
Jewett, Frank Baldwin Doctor of Laws 1946
Jewell, Marshall Master of Arts 1873
Jesup, Morris Ketchum Master of Arts 1891
Jessup, Samuel Master of Arts 1863
Jessup, Philip C. Doctor of Laws 1964
Jepson, Benjamin Master of Arts 1912
Jennings, Isaac Doctor of Medicine 1828
Jefferson, Thomas Doctor of Laws 1786
Jefferson, Joseph Master of Arts 1892
Jay, Pierre Master of Arts 1917