Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort ascending Degree Year
Miller, Samuel Master of Arts 1792
Miller, Samuel Master of Arts 1801
Miller, J. Irwin Doctor of Humane Letters 1979
Miller, George A. Doctor of Social Science 1979
Michael, Archbishop Doctor of Divinity 1954
Meyerowitz, Elliot M. Doctor of Science 2014
Meyer, Eugene Doctor of Laws 1932
Meyer, Adolf Doctor of Science 1934
Metcalfe, James Stetson Master of Arts 1891
Metcalf, Victor Howard Master of Arts 1906
Metcalf, Keyes Dewitt Doctor of Humane Letters 1946
Meselson, Matthew Doctor of Science 1987
Merz, Charles Doctor of Letters 1942
Merwin, Samuel Edwin Master of Arts 1904
Merwin, Alexander Moss Master of Arts 1880
Merton, Robert K. Doctor of Science 1968
Merritt, Schuyler Doctor of Laws 1935
Merriman, Daniel Doctor of Divinity 1898
Merrill, Selah Master of Arts 1880
Merrill, James Doctor of Letters 1982
Merrill, Elmer Drew Doctor of Science 1951
Merrifield, Webster Master of Arts 1892
Merrifield, Robert B. Doctor of Science 1971
Merriam, John Campbell Doctor of Science 1922
Merriam, Charles Edward Doctor of Letters 1951
Mercier, Cardinal Doctor of Laws 1919
Mercer, Archibald Doctor of Medicine 1827
Mendell, Clarence W. Doctor of Laws 1953
Mellon, Paul Doctor of Humane Letters 1967
Mellon, Andrew William Doctor of Laws 1926
Mellen, Charles Sanger Master of Arts 1906
Meigs, John Master of Arts 1908
Meier, Deborah W. Doctor of Humane Letters 1993
Means, Stewart Doctor of Divinity 1904
Mead, Heman Master of Arts 1870
McPhee, John Doctor of Letters 2009
McLean, George Payne Master of Arts 1904
McKnight, John Morin Scott Master of Arts 1846
McKnight, John Doctor of Divinity 1791
McKinley, William Doctor of Laws 1898
McIlwain, Charles Howard Doctor of Letters 1951
McFee, William Master of Arts 1936
McFarland, Asa Doctor of Divinity 1812
McElligott, Hames Napoleon Master of Arts 1849
McDonald, Samuel Percy Bachelor of Arts 1829
McDonald, Audra Doctor of Music 2016
McCurdy, John Master of Arts 1818
McCurdy, Charles Johnson Doctor of Laws 1868
McCullough, David Doctor of Letters 1998
McCoy, General Frank Ross Doctor of Laws 1942