Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort ascending Degree Year
Morley, Sardis Brewster Master of Arts 1833
Morley, Edward Williams Doctor of Science 1909
Morison, Samuel Eliot Doctor of Letters 1949
Morgan, William W. Doctor of Science 1978
Morgan, Nicholson Ross Master of Arts 1820
Morgan, Joseph Master of Arts 1719
Morgan, John Pierpont Doctor of Laws 1908
Morgan, John Hill Master of Arts 1929
Morey, Charles Rufus Doctor of Letters 1951
Moore, Thomas Master of Arts 1792
Moore, Jonathan Master of Arts 1765
Moore, John Monroe Doctor of Divinity 1925
Moore, Henry Doctor of Fine Arts 1966
Moore, Gordon Doctor of Science 2002
Moore, George Foote Master of Arts 1883
Moore, George Foote Doctor of Divinity 1897
Moore, George Foot Doctor of Letters 1915
Moore, Eliakim Hastings Doctor of Science 1909
Moore, Edward Caldwell Doctor of Divinity 1909
Moore, Douglas S. Doctor of Music 1955
Moody, William Vaughn Doctor of Letters 1908
Moody, Paul Dwight Doctor of Divinity 1924
Moody, Anson Doctor of Medicine 1840
Montgomery, Joseph Master of Arts 1760
Monroe, Elbert Brinckerhoff Master of Arts 1886
Monnet, Jean Doctor of Laws 1961
Momigliano, Arnaldo Doctor of Humane Letters 1985
Momaday, N. Scott Doctor of Humane Letters 1980
Molina, Mario J. Doctor of Science 1997
Moe, Henry A. Doctor of Laws 1953
Mixter, William Gilbert Master of Arts 1887
Mitchell, William Dewitt Doctor of Laws 1929
Mitchell, Stephen Mix Doctor of Laws 1807
Mitchell, John Charles Master of Arts 1860
Mitchell, Henry Doctor of Medicine 1824
Mitchell, George J. Doctor of Laws 2011
Mitchell, Frank Arthur Master of Arts 1893
Mitchell, Donald Grant Doctor of Laws 1878
Mitchell, Arthur Doctor of Fine Arts 2001
Mitchell, Alfred Master of Arts 1880
Minot, Charles Sedgwick Doctor of Laws 1899
Miner, William W. Doctor of Medicine 1839
Miner, Thomas Doctor of Medicine 1819
Miner, John Owen Doctor of Medicine 1816
Milne, George Doctor of Medicine 1785
Mills, William Master of Arts 1771
Milliken, William Mathewson Doctor of Fine Arts 1946
Milliken, William G. Doctor of Laws 1976
Millikan, Robert Andrews Doctor of Science 1925
Milles, Carl Doctor of Humane Letters 1936