Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort ascending Degree Year
Newman, Paul Doctor of Humane Letters 1988
Newell, Samuel Master of Arts 1811
Newcomb, Simon Doctor of Laws 1875
Newberry, Truman Handy Master of Arts 1910
Newberry, Roger Master of Arts 1793
Neuwirth, Angelika Doctor of Divinity 2012
Nelson, Edward William Master of Arts 1920
Neilson, William Allan Doctor of Letters 1927
Needham, Wesley E. Master of Arts 1954
Ndour, Youssou Doctor of Music 2011
Naud , Rev. C.F. Beyers Doctor of Divinity 1989
Nathans, Daniel Doctor of Science 1986
Nash, William Burr Doctor of Medicine 1852
Nash, Norman Burdett Doctor of Divinity 1949
Naon, Romulo Doctor of Laws 1914
Nabuco, Joaquim Doctor of Letters 1908
Myrdal, Gunnar K. Doctor of Laws 1959
Musser, John M. Doctor of Laws 1980
Musk, Elon Doctor of Engineering and Technology 2015
Murray, Pauli Doctor of Divinity 1979
Murray, John Courtney, S.J. Doctor of Divinity 1966
Murphy, Fred Towsley Master of Arts 1914
Murphy, Edgar Gardner Master of Arts 1904
Murdock, David Master of Arts 1852
Murakami, Haruki Doctor of Letters 2016
Munson, Cyrus LaRue Master of Arts 1891
Munsell, Jabez Master of Arts 1799
Munger, Theodore Thornton Doctor of Divinity 1908
Mulvey, Laura Doctor of Humanities 2018
Mulford, Elisha Doctor of Laws 1872
Muir, John Doctor of Letters 1911
Muir, James Doctor of Divinity 1791
Mu, Ch'ien Doctor of Humane Letters 1960
Moynihan, Daniel Patrick Doctor of Laws 2000
Mott, John R. Master of Arts 1899
Motley, Constance Baker Doctor of Laws 1987
Mosteller, Frederick Doctor of Social Science 1981
Moss, Joseph Master of Arts 1702
Moss, Cynthia Doctor of Social Science 2019
Moses, Robert Master of Arts 1936
Moses, Robert Doctor of Laws 1952
Moseley, Edward Strong Master of Arts 1870
Morse, Samuel Finley Breese Doctor of Laws 1846
Morse, Hermann N. Doctor of Divinity 1953
Morse, Edward Sylvester Doctor of Science 1918
Morrow, Dwight Whitney Doctor of Laws 1927
Morrison, Toni Doctor of Letters 1985
Morris, Richard Master of Arts 1787
Morris, Dwight Master of Arts 1878
Morrill, Arthur Boothby Master of Arts 1925