Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort ascending Degree Year
Olney, James Brown Master of Arts 1887
Olmsted, William Beach Master of Arts 1908
Olmsted, Frederick Law Doctor of Laws 1893
Olmstead, John Wesley Master of Arts 1854
Olmstead, Hawley Doctor of Laws 1862
Oliver, Francis Johonnot Master of Arts 1799
Oliver, Andrew Master of Arts 1751
Olin, Stephen Doctor of Laws 1845
Olds, Irving Sands Doctor of Laws 1956
Olcott, Austin Doctor of Medicine 1823
Okonjo-Iweala, Ngozi Doctor of Humane Letters 2015
Ohira, Masayoshi Doctor of Laws 1974
Ogden, Robert Curtis Master of Arts 1902
Ogden, John Cosies Master of Arts 1782
Ogata, Sadako Doctor of Humane Letters 1998
Oduyoye, Mercy Doctor of Divinity 2008
Oduber, Daniel Doctor of Laws 1986
Ochs, Adolph S. Master of Arts 1922
O'Neill, Eugene Gladstone Doctor of Letters 1926
O'Donnell, Maureen V. Doctor of Humane Letters 1982
O'Connor, Sandra Day Doctor of Laws 2006
O'Brian, John Lord Doctor of Laws 1948
Nutting, Mary Adelaide Master of Arts 1922
Nusslein-Volhard, Christiane Doctor of Science 1990
Noyes, Samuel Sherwood Doctor of Medicine 1845
Noyes, Morgan Phelps Doctor of Divinity 1938
Noyes, Frank Brett Master of Arts 1932
Noyes, Arthur Amos Doctor of Science 1913
Noyes, Alfred Doctor of Letters 1913
Nott, Samuel Doctor of Divinity 1825
Notestein, Wallace Doctor of Letters 1951
Norton, William Augustus Master of Arts 1867
Norton, John Pitkin Master of Arts 1846
Norton, John Foote Master of Arts 1848
Northrop, John Howard Doctor of Science 1937
Northrop, Cyrus Doctor of Laws 1886
North, Thomas Mather Master of Arts 1886
North, Milo Linus Doctor of Medicine 1834
North, Helen F. Doctor of Humane Letters 1986
Norstad, Lauris Doctor of Laws 1963
Norman, Jessye Doctor of Music 1990
Nooyi, Indra K. Doctor of Humane Letters 2019
Noguchi, Hideyo Doctor of Science 1921
Noble, John Willock Doctor of Laws 1891
Nirenberg, Marshall Doctor of Science 1965
Niles, Benjamin Master of Arts 1815
Nightingale, John Clark Bachelor of Arts 1790
Nightingale, John Clark Master of Arts 1795
Niemeyer, John Henry Master of Arts 1874
Niebuhr, Rev. Reinhold Doctor of Divinity 1942