Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort ascending Degree Year
Parsons, David Bachelor of Arts 1705
Parr, Albert Eide Doctor of Science 1946
Parkman, Francis Bachelor of Arts 1807
Parkes, Samuel Master of Arts 1822
Parker, Peter Master of Arts 1858
Parker, Lyman Doctor of Medicine 1833
Parker, Horation [William] Master of Arts 1894
Parker, Edwin Pond Doctor of Divinity 1875
Park, William Hallock Doctor of Science 1929
Park, Roswell Doctor of Laws 1902
Park, Rosemary Doctor of Laws 1958
Park, John Duane Master of Arts 1860
Park, John Duane Doctor of Laws 1878
Panofsky, Wolfgang K.H. Doctor of Science 1985
Pamuk, Orhan Doctor of Letters 2010
Palmer, Joseph Master of Arts 1753
Palmer, Joseph Doctor of Medicine 1816
Palmer, Joseph Doctor of Medicine 1820
Palmer, Francis Spalding Master of Arts 1847
Palmer, Edward Master of Arts 1824
Palmer, Charles Ray Doctor of Divinity 1889
Palmer, Arthur Hubbell Master of Arts 1891
Palade, George E. Doctor of Science 1967
Painter, Theophilus Shickel Doctor of Science 1936
Painter, Nell Irvin Doctor of Letters 2003
Paine, Levi Leonard Doctor of Divinity 1875
Paine, Joshua Master of Arts 1787
Paine, John Knowles Doctor of Music 1890
Paderewski, Ignace Jan Doctor of Music 1917
Pachauri, Rajendra Doctor of Humane Letters 2008
Pääbo, Svante Doctor of Science 2020
Oxnam, Bishop G. Bromley Doctor of Divinity 1946
Owen, John Doctor of Divinity 1820
Otis, William Augustus Master of Arts 1899
Otis, Ephraim Master of Arts 1759
Otis, Charles Pomeroy Master of Arts 1829
Osgood, David Doctor of Divinity 1797
Osgood, Charles Grosvenor Doctor of Letters 1946
Osborne, Thomas Doctor of Science 1910
Osborn, Sylvanus Master of Arts 1757
Osborn, Norris Galpin Master of Arts 1886
Osborn, June E. Doctor of Medical Sciences 1992
Osborn, Henry Fairfield Doctor of Science 1923
Orr, William Master of Arts 1818
Orne, Samuel Bachelor of Arts 1804
Opie, Eugene Lindsay Doctor of Science 1931
Opel, John R. Doctor of Laws 1984
Olney, James Brown Master of Arts 1887
Olmsted, William Beach Master of Arts 1908
Olmsted, Frederick Law Doctor of Laws 1893