Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort ascending Degree Year
Pettit, James Sumner Master of Arts 1903
Pettengill, Benjamin Dean Master of Arts 1883
Peto, Richard Doctor of Medical Sciences 2011
Peterson, Roger T. Doctor of Humane Letters 1986
Peters, John Samuel Doctor of Medicine 1818
Peters, John Punnett Doctor of Divinity 1895
Peters, John Andrew Doctor of Laws 1893
Peters, Harry Alfred Master of Arts 1933
Peters, George Absalom Master of Arts 1881
Peters, Ellen Ash Doctor of Laws 1985
Pershing, John Joseph Doctor of Laws 1920
Perry, Oliver Henry Master of Arts 1875
Perry, Nehemiah Doctor of Medicine 1833
Perry, Nathaniel Doctor of Medicine 1816
Perry, Joseph Master of Arts 1755
Perry, Frederick Master of Arts 1806
Perry, David Brainerd Doctor of Divinity 1898
Perrin, Lavalette Doctor of Divinity 1869
Perlman, Itzhak Doctor of Music 1981
Perkins, Samuel Clarke Doctor of Laws 1888
Perkins, Nathan Master of Arts 1774
Perkins, James A. Doctor of Laws 1968
Perkins, Frederick Beecher Master of Arts 1860
Perez, Marsh Master of Arts 1754
Pepper, John Doctor of Humane Letters 2006
Pepper, George Wharton Doctor of Laws 1914
Penfield, Wilder Graves Doctor of Science 1954
Penfield, Samuel Lewis Master of Arts 1896
Penderecki, Krzysztof Doctor of Music 2003
Pemberton, Ebenezer Master of Arts 1781
Pelli, Cesar Doctor of Fine Arts 2008
Peckham, Rufus Wheeler Doctor of Laws 1896
Peck, Theodore Gordon Master of Arts 1893
Pease, Frederick Noah Master of Arts 1917
Pearson, Lester Bowles Doctor of Laws 1946
Pearson, Eliphalet Doctor of Laws 1802
Pearl, Judea Doctor of Engineering and Technology 2018
Peabody, Francis Greenwood Doctor of Divinity 1887
Peabody, Endicott Master of Arts 1902
Peabody, Endicott Doctor of Laws 1938
Payson, Seth Master of Arts 1782
Pauling, Linus Carl Doctor of Science 1947
Patton, Francis Landey Doctor of Divinity 1888
Patterson, Orlando Doctor of Social Science 2022
Patterson, John Stuart Master of Arts 1879
Patten, William Master of Arts 1758
Patten, William Master of Arts 1785
Paton, Alan S. Doctor of Humane Letters 1954
Parsons, Samuel Holden Master of Arts 1781
Parsons, John Edward Master of Arts 1851