Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort ascending Degree Year
Sen, Amartya K. Doctor of Social Science 2003
Seldin, Donald W. Doctor of Science 1988
Selden, Henry Rogers Doctor of Laws 1857
Seely, Henry Martyn Master of Arts 1860
Seeley, Lloyd Doctor of Medicine 1834
Sedgwick, William Thompson Doctor of Science 1909
Sedgwick, Theodore Master of Arts 1772
Sedgwick, Frederick Master of Arts 1849
Seashore, Carl Emil Doctor of Science 1935
Sears, Charles Brown Doctor of Laws 1936
Sears, Barnas Doctor of Laws 1862
Scranton, William W. not noted 1975
Scoville, Robert Master of Arts 1918
Scott, John Witherspoon Master of Arts 1827
Scorsese, Martin Doctor of Fine Arts 2011
Schweitzer, Pierre-Paul Doctor of Laws 1966
Schuyler, Eugene Doctor of Laws 1885
Schuman, William Doctor of Music 1988
Schultz, Peter G. Doctor of Science 2015
Schuchert, Charles Doctor of Science 1930
Schroeder, John Frederick Master of Arts 1823
Scholem, Gershom Doctor of Divinity 1978
Schmidt, Maarten Doctor of Science 1966
Schmidheiny, Stephan Ernst Doctor of Humane Letters 1996
Schley, George Master of Arts 1879
Schenck, George Washington Master of Arts 1847
Schelling, Thomas Doctor of Social Science 2009
Schapiro, Meyer Doctor of Humane Letters 1978
Sawyer, Nathaniel Master of Arts 1848
Sawyer, John E. Doctor of Laws 1974
Savage, Alexander Duncan Master of Arts 1876
Saunders, James Melville Master of Arts 1845
Saunders, Dr. Cicely Doctor of Science 1969
Sargent, John Singer Doctor of Laws 1916
Saperstein, David Doctor of Divinity 2016
Sanford, Leonard Jacob Master of Arts 1858
Sanford, Elias Benjamin Master of Arts 1888
Sands, Henry Berton Master of Arts 1883
Sandburg, Carl Doctor of Letters 1940
Sandage, Allan Doctor of Science 1966
Samuelson, Paul Doctor of Social Science 2005
Saltonstall, Leverett Bachelor of Arts 1802
Salter, Richard Doctor of Divinity 1782
Salisbury, Edward Elbridge Doctor of Laws 1869
Saint Gaudens, Augustus Doctor of Laws 1905
Sage, Dean Master of Arts 1928
Safford, James Merrill Doctor of Philosophy 1866
Sacks, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Doctor of Divinity 2021
Sachs, Paul J. Doctor of Humane Letters 1953
Saarinen, Eero Master of Arts 1949