Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort ascending Degree Year
Sibelius,Jean, Dr. Doctor of Music 1914
Shriver, Robert Sargent Doctor of Laws 1964
Shriver, Eunice Kennedy Doctor of Humane Letters 1996
Shrady, George Frederic Master of Arts 1869
Shortlidge, Joseph Master of Arts 1880
Shope, Richard Edwin Master of Science 1936
Shiras, Oliver Perry Doctor of Laws 1886
Shiras, George Doctor of Laws 1883
Shipman, Nathaniel Doctor of Laws 1884
Shils, Edward Doctor of Letters 1992
Shih, Hu Doctor of Laws 1940
Shields, Charles Patrick Master of Arts 1865
Sherwood, Robert Emmet Doctor of Letters 1941
Sherrill, Henry Knox Doctor of Divinity 1929
Sherrill, Henry Knox Doctor of Laws 1960
Sherman, William Tecumseh Doctor of Laws 1876
Sherman, Roger Minott Doctor of Laws 1829
Sherman, Roger Master of Arts 1768
Sherman, Josiah Master of Arts 1765
Sherlock, Dame Shella Doctor of Science 1983
Sherk, F. Allen Master of Arts 1961
Sherburn, George W. Doctor of Humane Letters 1956
Shepley, Ethan A. Hitchcock Doctor of Laws 1954
Shelton, William T. Doctor of Medicine 1833
Shelton, William Doctor of Medicine 1817
Shelton, Nathan Doctor of Medicine 1835
Shelton, Gould Abijah Master of Arts 1891
Sheffield, Joseph Earl Master of Arts 1871
Sheffield, James Rockwell Doctor of Laws 1925
Sheffey, Hugh White Doctor of Laws 1880
Shears, Alonzo Groesbeck Master of Arts 1856
Shaw, Robert L. Doctor of Music 1998
Shaw, Caroline Doctor of Music 2022
Sharp, George Matthews Master of Arts 1889
Shapiro, Irving S. Doctor of Laws 1977
Shapiro, Harold Tafler Doctor of Laws 1988
Shannon, James A. Doctor of Laws 1968
Shannon, Claude Elwood Master of Science 1954
Seyrig, Henri Doctor of Humane Letters 1961
Seymour, Thomas Day Bachelor of Arts 1870
Seymour, Origen Storrs Doctor of Laws 1873
Seymour, Horatio Doctor of Laws 1847
Seymour, George Dudley Master of Arts 1913
Seward, William Henry Doctor of Laws 1854
Sessions, Horace Bachelor of Arts 1821
Serra, Richard Doctor of Fine Arts 2009
Sergeant, Erastus Master of Arts 1784
Senter, Isaac Doctor of Medicine 1792
Sendak, Maurice Doctor of Letters 1997
Sen, Amartya K. Doctor of Social Science 2003