Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
Burrows, Roswell Smith Master of Arts 1867
Burt, Stephen Smith Master of Arts 1890
Burton, Nathan Master of Arts 1835
Bush, Charles Peck Master of Arts 1850
Bush, George H. Doctor of Laws 1991
Bush, George W. Doctor of Laws 2001
Bush, Prescott Doctor of Laws 1962
Bush, Vannevar Doctor of Laws 1942
Bushnell, Horace Doctor of Laws 1871
Butler, Nicholas Murray Doctor of Laws 1902
Butterfield, Oliver Billings Master of Arts 1845
Buttrick, George Arthur Doctor of Divinity 1932
Byles, Mather Master of Arts 1757
Byrd, Richard Evelyn Master of Arts 1927
Byrnes, James Francis Doctor of Laws 1947
Cable, George Washington Master of Arts 1883
Cabot, Paul Codman Doctor of Laws 1965
Cadman, Samuel Parkes Doctor of Divinity 1925
Caetani, Prince Gelasio Doctor of Laws 1923
Caitlin, Lyman Doctor of Medicine 1835
Calabresi, Guido Doctor of Laws
Calabresi, Guido Doctor of Laws 2023
Calhoun, John Caldwell Doctor of Laws 1822
Calhoun, Newell Meeker Master of Arts 1887
Camp, David Nelson Master of Arts 1853
Campbell, James Master of Arts 1891
Campbell, Loomis Joseph Master of Arts 1890
Canfield, Joel Doctor of Medicine 1847
Canham, Erwin Dain Doctor of Humane Letters 1949
Canning, Edward Weeks Boldero Master of Arts 1852
Cannon, Philip A. Master of Arts 1818
Cannon, Walter Bradford Doctor of Science 1923
Cardozo, Benjamin Nathan Doctor of Laws 1921
Carleton, Isaac Newton Master of Arts 1872
Carmalt, William Henry Doctor of Laws 1929
Carmalt, William Henry Master of Arts 1881
Carmichael, Omer Master of Arts 1957
Caro, Robert Allan Doctor of Letters 2023
Caro, Sir Anthony Doctor of Fine Arts 1989
Carpenter, Elisha Master of Arts 1868
Carpenter, Jairus Harvlin Master of Arts 1874
Carrington, Edward Master of Arts 1879
Carrington, Jesse Doctor of Medicine 1816
Carson Sr., Benjamin Solomon Doctor of Medical Sciences 1996
Carter, Franklin Master of Arts 1874
Carter, Howard Doctor of Science 1924
Carter, Jr., Elliott Cook Doctor of Music 1970
Carter, Ralph Doctor of Medicine 1838
Carter, Robert L. Doctor of Laws 2002
Carter, Samuel Doctor of Medicine 1822