Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
Woolley, Mary Emma Doctor of Laws 1923
Woolsey, Theodore Salisbury Master of Arts 1887
Wortabet, John Doctor of Medicine 1853
Worthington, John Doctor of Laws 1792
Wright, Caleb Master of Arts 1849
Wright, Frank Lloyd Doctor of Fine Arts 1954
Wright, Henry Master of Arts 1785
Wright, James Skelly Doctor of Laws 1961
Wright, Louis Booker Doctor of Humane Letters 1954
Wright, Orville Master of Arts 1919
Wright, Sewall Doctor of Science 1949
Wright, Theodore Lyman Master of Arts 1833
Wroth, Lawrence Counselman Doctor of Humane Letters 1946
Wu, Chien-Shiung Doctor of Science 1967
Wurts, John Master of Arts 1897
Yale, David Master of Arts 1724
Yale, Elisha Master of Arts 1829
Yanofsky, Charles Doctor of Science 1981
Yellen, Janet Louise Doctor of Social Science 2015
Yen, Fu-Chun Master of Arts 1922
Yen, James Y.C. Master of Arts 1928
Young, Alexander Master of Arts 1823
Young, Jr., Andrew J. Doctor of Laws 1973
Young, Owen D. Doctor of Laws 1925
Yunus, Muhammad Doctor of Social Science 1998
Zedillo, Ernesto Doctor of Laws 2001
Zewail, Ahmed H. Doctor of Science 2014
Zhang, Yimou Doctor of Fine Arts 2010
Zinsser, Hans Doctor of Science 1939
Zoghbi, Huda Y. Doctor of Medical Sciences 2014