Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
Thompson, John Griggs Doctor of Science 1980
Thompson, Launt Master of Arts 1874
Thompson, Llewellyn E. Doctor of Laws 1969
Thompson, Myron H. Doctor of Laws 2022
Thompson, Robert Farris Doctor of Humanities 2021
Thompson, Smith Doctor of Laws 1824
Thomson, Asahel Doctor of Medicine 1859
Thomson, Elihu Master of Arts 1890
Thomson, William Hanna Master of Arts 1861
Thrall, Warren Doctor of Medicine 1855
Thurber, James Grover Doctor of Letters 1953
Ticknor, Benajah Doctor of Medicine 1836
Ticknor, Luther Doctor of Medicine 1829
Tiffany, Charles Comfort Doctor of Divinity 1897
Tiffany, Louis Comfort Master of Arts 1903
Tilden, Samuel Jones Doctor of Laws 1875
Tilghman, Shirley Doctor of Science 2002
Tillich, Paul Doctor of Divinity 1940
Tillman, Samuel Escue Master of Arts 1906
Tinker, Chauncey Brewster Doctor of Letters 1946
Tinker, Ezra Master of Arts 1872
Tippett, Krista Doctor of Divinity 2022
Tisdale, Nathan Doctor of Medicine 1822
Tittle, Ernest Fremont Doctor of Divinity 1933
Todd, Ambrose Seymour Master of Arts 1824
Todd, John Edwards Doctor of Divinity 1879
Todd, Sir Alexander Doctor of Science 1961
Tolman, Edward Chace Doctor of Science 1951
Tomlinson, John Atwood Doctor of Medicine 1856
Torrance, David Master of Arts 1883
Torrey, Charles Cutler Doctor of Letters 1934
Torrey, John Master of Arts 1823
Town, Ithiel Master of Arts 1825
Townes, Charles H. Doctor of Science 1988
Townsend, Henry Clay Master of Arts 1873
Tracy, Philemon Doctor of Medicine 1817
Trask, John Boardman Doctor of Medicine 1859
Treadwell, John Doctor of Laws 1800
Treadwell, Oliver Wetmore Master of Arts 1861
Treat, Richard Doctor of Divinity 1776
Treat, Salmon Master of Arts 1702
Tredwell, Timothy Master of Arts 1875
Trevelyan, George Macaulay Doctor of Letters 1936
Trilling, Lionel Doctor of Humane Letters 1974
Trippe, Juan Terry Master of Arts 1937
Trow, George William Master of Arts 1868
Trowbridge, William Petit Master of Arts 1870
Trudeau, Garretson Beekman Doctor of Humane Letters 1976
Trumbull, Benjamin Doctor of Divinity 1796
Trumbull, David Doctor of Divinity 1884