Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
Stoeckel, Gustave Jacob Doctor of Music 1864
Stoeckel, Robbins Battell Master of Arts 1928
Stokes, Anson Phelps Doctor of Laws 1921
Stoll, Elmer Edgar Doctor of Letters 1941
Stommel, Henry Melson Doctor of Science 1970
Stone, Harlan Fiske Doctor of Laws 1924
Stone, Melville Elijah Master of Arts 1915
Stone, Timothy Master of Arts 1804
Stoppard, Tom Doctor of Letters 2000
Storer, Ebenezer Master of Arts 1750
Storey, Daniel Master of Arts 1797
Storrs, Richard Salter Master of Arts 1865
Storrs, William Master of Arts 1810
Strathern, A. Marilyn Doctor of Social Science 2010
Stratton, Samuel Wesley Doctor of Science 1919
Streep, Meryl Doctor of Fine Arts 1983
Street, Owen Doctor of Divinity 1882
Strong, Adonijah Master of Arts 1786
Strong, Augustus Hopkins Doctor of Divinity 1890
Strong, Cyprian Doctor of Divinity 1803
Strong, Henry Doctor of Laws 1848
Strong, Hezekiah Wright Master of Arts 1800
Strong, Maurice F. Doctor of Laws 1973
Strong, Nathan Master of Arts 1805
Strong, Nathan Bachelor of Arts 1802
Strong, Richard Pearson Doctor of Science 1914
Strong, William Doctor of Laws 1870
Studley, John Payne Master of Arts 1892
Sturges, Jonathan Doctor of Laws 1806
Sturgis, Russell Master of Arts 1872
Sturley, Winifred Master of Arts 1955
Sturtevant, Alfred Henry Doctor of Science 1951
Sturtevant, Edgar Howard Doctor of Letters 1951
Suenens,Cardinal L.J. Doctor of Divinity 1980
Sullivan, Leon Howard Doctor of Divinity 1972
Sullivan, Walter Seager Doctor of Humane Letters 1969
Summers, Lawrence Doctor of Social Science 2002
Sumner, Charles Doctor of Laws 1856
Sumner, George Oliver Doctor of Medicine 1846
Sumner, William Graham Doctor of Laws 1909
Sutherland, Jr., Earl W. Doctor of Science 1970
Suzman, Helen Doctor of Laws 1999
Swain, David Lowry Doctor of Laws 1842
Swan, Benjamin Lincoln Master of Arts 1844
Swan, Thomas Walter Doctor of Laws 1947
Swayne, Noah Haynes Doctor of Laws 1865
Swensen, David F. Doctor of Humane Letters 2014
Swift, Earl Doctor of Medicine 1830
Swift, Elisha Pope Master of Arts 1817
Swift, Herman Master of Arts 1797