Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
Smith, Edgar Fahs Doctor of Science 1914
Smith, Frederick W. Doctor of Humane Letters 2013
Smith, George Adam Doctor of Divinity 1899
Smith, George Milton Doctor of Laws 1947
Smith, Gerard Coad Doctor of Laws 1972
Smith, Hezekiah Master of Arts 1772
Smith, Homer William Master of Science 1937
Smith, Isaac Doctor of Medicine 1828
Smith, John Master of Arts 1797
Smith, John Master of Arts 1777
Smith, John Cotton Doctor of Laws 1815
Smith, John Pye Doctor of Divinity 1807
Smith, John Wheelock Bachelor of Arts 1805
Smith, Junius Doctor of Laws 1840
Smith, Nathan Master of Arts 1808
Smith, Nathaniel Master of Arts 1795
Smith, Oliver Cotton Master of Arts 1914
Smith, Oscar Moses Master of Arts 1859
Smith, Robert Bachelor of Arts 1805
Smith, Roswell Master of Arts 1842
Smith, Samuel Stanhope Doctor of Divinity 1783
Smith, Sidney Irving Master of Arts 1887
Smith, Theobald Doctor of Science 1917
Smith, Vine Doctor of Medicine 1843
Smith, Walter Bedell Doctor of Laws 1955
Smith, William Nathan Harrell Doctor of Laws 1881
Smyth, Newman Doctor of Divinity 1895
Snell, Martin Master of Arts 1821
Snelling, George Henry Bachelor of Arts 1819
Snow, William Josiah Doctor of Laws 1919
Soedjatmoko Doctor of Humane Letters 1970
Sohier, William Davies Master of Arts 1808
Solow, Robert M. Doctor of Social Science 1986
Solti,Georg, K.B.E., Sir Doctor of Music 1974
Soong, Ts Vung Doctor of Laws 1942
Sophocles, Evangelinus Apostolides Master of Arts 1837
Soros, George Doctor of Humane Letters 1991
Sotomayor, Sonia Doctor of Laws 2013
Southmayd, Charles Ferdinand Doctor of Laws 1884
Southmayd, Samuel William Master of Arts 1809
Southward, Mase Shepard Master of Arts 1877
Southwick, Solomon Master of Arts 1780
Soyinka, Wole Doctor of Letters 1980
Spaulding, John Master of Arts 1874
Speer, Robert Eliot Master of Arts 1900
Spencer, Joshua Austin Master of Arts 1834
Spender, Sir Percy Claude Doctor of Laws 1957
Sperry, Charles Stillman Doctor of Laws 1909
Sperry, Willard Learoyd Doctor of Divinity 1922
Spielberg, Stephen Doctor of Humane Letters 2002