Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
Ross, Royall Doctor of Medicine 1825
Rostropovich, Mstislav Doctor of Music 1976
Rothko, Mark Doctor of Fine Arts 1969
Rous, Peyton Doctor of Science 1949
Rowland, Henry Augustus Doctor of Laws 1895
Rowland, Samuel Master of Arts 1809
Rowland, William Frederick Master of Arts 1787
Rowley, Janet Davison Doctor of Medical Sciences 2011
Royce, Josiah Doctor of Laws 1911
Rubey, William W. Doctor of Science 1960
Rubin, Robert E. Doctor of Laws 2001
Rubin, Vera C. Doctor of Science 1990
Rubinstein, Artur Doctor of Music 1962
Rudenstein, Neil L. Doctor of Laws 1992
Ruff, Willie Doctor of Music 2018
Ruggles, Philo Master of Arts 1800
Ruggles, Samuel Bulkley Doctor of Laws 1859
Runcie, The Most Rev. Robert A.K. Doctor of Divinity 1989
Runk, Charles Miner Master of Arts 1864
Runyon, Theodore Doctor of Laws 1882
Rush, Benjamin Doctor of Laws 1812
Russell, George William Doctor of Letters 1928
Russell, Henry Alanson Master of Arts 1855
Russell, Henry Norris Doctor of Science 1951
Russell, John Edward Master of Arts 1885
Rustin, Bayard Doctor of Laws 1984
Rutherford,Ernest, Sir Doctor of Science 1917
Rutter, Sir Michael Doctor of Medical Sciences 2010
Ryder, James Bradford Master of Arts 1893
Ryerson, Edward L. Doctor of Laws 1962
Ryerson, Martin Antoine Master of Arts 1917
Saarinen, Eero Master of Arts 1949
Sachs, Paul J. Doctor of Humane Letters 1953
Sacks, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Doctor of Divinity 2021
Safford, James Merrill Doctor of Philosophy 1866
Sage, Dean Master of Arts 1928
Saint Gaudens, Augustus Doctor of Laws 1905
Salisbury, Edward Elbridge Doctor of Laws 1869
Salter, Richard Doctor of Divinity 1782
Saltonstall, Leverett Bachelor of Arts 1802
Samuelson, Paul Doctor of Social Science 2005
Sandage, Allan Doctor of Science 1966
Sandburg, Carl Doctor of Letters 1940
Sands, Henry Berton Master of Arts 1883
Sanford, Elias Benjamin Master of Arts 1888
Sanford, Leonard Jacob Master of Arts 1858
Saperstein, David Doctor of Divinity 2016
Sargent, John Singer Doctor of Laws 1916
Saunders, Dr. Cicely Doctor of Science 1969
Saunders, James Melville Master of Arts 1845